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Exante. To do or not to do??

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Rohey Mon 08-Aug-11 15:58:07

I am at my wits end. Was given orlistat by gp, but did not have any major effect. Need something to kick start some weight loss aftter wich time i will start the dukat/gi diet. I was gong to but the month shakes and bar.

Rohey Mon 08-Aug-11 16:00:36

It should've read i am thinking of getting the month supply of shakes and bars. I have about 4 stone to shift..

pengymum Tue 09-Aug-11 23:51:30

A friend of mine is doing it and and doing really well and after chatting about it she offered to let me have a weeks supply to try out as I want to lose but had never tried them. Saw it as a way to kickstart me into action, as I felt that once I started losing and saw quick result, I would be motivated to keep going.
Day one was ok, but didn't like the texture or taste of the bars and soups, shakes were ok though.
Day 2 Shake ok but struggled with the bar and couldn't finish the tomato soup in the evening - textures and tastes were not nice.
Day 3 shake ok but for lunch ate 1 bite of bar and gave up - had lots of water each day. Evening came and couldn't finish the mushroom soup. Had lots of water and didn't eat anything else though. Wasn't really hungry by day 3. Anyway on morning of day 4 I decided to swap to Dukan diet and went on to lose about 8kg over next 2 weeks. Have been on holiday since and not dieted but want to go back to Dukan and lose some more. Was a good start for me and also I found that I prefer a food based diet rather than a meal replacement (had never done one before)
I would suggest getting the week supply first if you want to try it as you may not like the taste/texture - I found it too sweet and creamy textured for my tastes. If you get on ok with it then can get the month supply and won't have wasted any money. Is good for rapid results, if you can stomach it but that is probably the same for any of these meal replacement diets.
I think low carb is the best for me and Dukan is do-able for me as you can have meat, fish, eggs, oatbran porridge, v low fat yoghurts and cheese etc. Need to use lots of herbs and spices to liven up your protein though to make it a bit more interesting.
Good luck!

Rohey Wed 10-Aug-11 16:45:41

Thanks Pengymum....
On day 1 today only got the shakes and bars. Shakes not bad but the bar is odd!!!
As I mentioned I only want it to kick start the weight loss and then start gi/dukan.

Thanks again ...

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