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Dukan - what to do after a bad day?

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Mandy21 Mon 08-Aug-11 00:42:29

I've been doing Dukan for just over a week and had to host a dinner party tonight - nothing worse than seeing the cook refuse her own food, so I didn't stick to the protein & veg that I should've been having (am 'Cruising' at the mo, 1 day P, 1 day PV). Had little bit of bread, salad dressing, moussaka - only v small portions!

So tomorrow is just a protein day anyway, should I do a few P days on the trot to make up for today or should I just stick to the P/PV regime?

Many thanks

foreverondiet Mon 08-Aug-11 08:53:49

Personally I'd just go back to PP/PV and be very careful for a few days.

Reserve the few PP days in a row for if you have a serious blow out (which it doesn't sound like you did).

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