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Dukan v other low carb diets?

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clare8allthepies Sat 06-Aug-11 19:31:38

Hi, now my DD is 15 months old I have decided the 'baby' weight has to go.

The only diet I've really had success with in the past is low carb - did pig to twig and lost about a stone and a half but then was kind of half hearted about it so remained the same weight for about 4 months then got pregnant so dived into the cake!

I've been hearing good things about the Dukan diet so got the book for my kindle. I'm only just over halfway through the book but can't believe just how restrictive it is. Can you really just eat meat, eggs and fat free dairy for the attack phase, every other day for the next phase and then every Thursday forever!!!

Tell me if the results are that good it's worth it - after reading so far think I might just go back to the low carb diet I was following before, at least you can have salad!

Thanks in advice for your wisdom!

Clare x

foreverondiet Sat 06-Aug-11 22:17:12

I have tried many diets and read many books.... I have lost 54 lbs and am now stone below my original target - although it was baby weight I lost, I'm a stone less than I was before I got pregnant (and I weigh the same as I weighed when I was 16....)

My observations:
a) I've done low GI and low calorie below and before I did low carb I've never got my weight this low - have been around current weight for a few months now, so managing to maintain.
b) I agree about dukan, so restrictive, and IME my weight gain was better WITH vegetables but WITHOUT quite as much diary as he allows. I did 5 days of attack and then a couple of PP days in cruise before realising I really didn't like eating like that, and it wasn't worth it as I missed salad and veggies, and that by denying them I wasn't even helping my weight loss efforts! And the thought of a PP day every thursday for life? sad
c) Full on P2T (ketosis) didn't work for me either as I got too constipated even with psyllium husk twice a day. Had to resort to medical methods to poo (movicol or suppositories) so concluded it wasn't for me.
d) I do my own version of dukan consolidation which I think it healthier - PV every day (I have the oatbran), some dairy but not the amounts he allows, I have small helpings of healthy fats like nuts, avocado, olive oil. I eat stacks of veggies. And now I am not trying to loose more have 2 portions of fruit, some pulses and occasional wholegrains like oats, brown rice, quinoa and also a celebration meal once a week. My current challenge is that I have just given up aspartame which he allows.

If P2T worked for you then go for it again.

Were the results worth it? I did dukan after I'd reached a plateau on tesco diets totals (basically calorie counting). I did lose 5lbs in the 5 day attack period, but that might just have been water and muscle glycogen... as I said after that weight loss good on my adapted version. I have totally changed my WOE, ie now have eggs for breakfast and tuna salad etc for lunch instead of shredded wheat for breakfast and (brown bread) sandwich for lunch etc.

clare8allthepies Sun 07-Aug-11 13:24:13

Thanks for your response, think I will just stick to what I know, was just looking for the 'easy' way for the weight to fall off I suppose. I will just have to be really disciplined this time smile

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