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Am starting the "Maple Syrup Diet" tomorrow

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RubyFakeNails Thu 04-Aug-11 23:34:11

Pretty much as the title says I am starting the so called Maple Syrup Diet tomorrow, the Madal Bal natural tree syrup has just been delivered and I've bought about 30 lemons.

I'm going on hols in a month-ish and after going shopping at the weekend and having tears in the fitting room think its definitely time to shift some weight. I know I won't enjoy the holiday if I stay the size I am and its a really special trip so need to put the effort in.

I've decided to do it whats called the spanish way in the book for a week which is eating one small healthy meal at lunch or dinner and drinking the liquid the rest of the time. I'll then do the hardcore version for 2 weeks and spend the last few days before holiday getting used to normal food.

Anyone have any tips or experience? Am quite nervous.

uninspired Thu 04-Aug-11 23:51:41

Any tips? Well the sensible me says "Don't do it, faddy diets don't work yadda yadd" but the fat but lazy me thinks "Ooooh I want to do it so long as it involves no effort and allows for consumption of chocolate"

So I'll just say good luck and let us know how you get on please

foreverondiet Fri 05-Aug-11 13:36:54

Do you want my opinion?

1) Its unproven and expensive, so you may as well drink economy watered down apple juice (at least cheap) if you want to starve yourself.

2) Its potentially dangerous, for several reasons, ie if the body doesn't have enough amino acids it is forced to scavenge itself, potential even from the heart.

3) As with all crash faddy diets, muscle mass will be lost along with fat so when you go back to normal eating you'll end up "fatter" ie with a higher body fat than before.

4) There are other more minor health risks - impaired immunity (do you want to be ill on holiday), electrolyte imbalance, osteoporsis (if done repeatedly), reduced red and white blood cells etc etc.

Of course you want to look good on holiday, but use the moment in the changing room to change your longer term lifestyle rather than embark on a faddy and potentially dangerous diet. Presumably you've known about this holiday for a while, so why wait until a month before you go?

In a month with an extreme (but healthy) diet and exercise you could still loose a stone but at least you wouldn't be putting your life at risk. Is is really worth it?

AuntieMaggie Fri 05-Aug-11 13:41:38

As foreverondiet says - the weight you will lose won't be fat it will be glycogen from your muscles and water and as soon as you start eating carbs again you'll put it all back on.

RoundOrangeHead Fri 05-Aug-11 13:43:44

maple syrup is really expensive atm - over £4 shock

you could buy a bottle of wine for that and forget about how fat you are

RubyFakeNails Fri 05-Aug-11 14:34:27

Its not actually using maple syrup it uses this natural tree syrup. It is expensive in some ways but cheaper than the amount i spend on food for myself per week.

And RoundOrangeHead don't! I swear one of the reasons I've put on weight is my favourite wine has been on offer in Sainsburys for about 3 months! Its become a must have on the shopping list.

I actually only found out about this on 29th July as DH booked it for a surprise, I have been thinking about losing weight but the thought of going back to somewhere when I last went I was a size 8 has really kicker me up the arse.

Anyway I started just a few hours ago as had a really big lie in after waiting up for DS until 4am! I prefer the drink hot and with ginger over the cayenne pepper. Am looking forward to my meal!

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