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Dukan pros - advice needed

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lovelola Thu 04-Aug-11 20:14:54

I'm now on the Cruise phase of the diet, having lost a marvellous 10lb on Attack. I've got 6lbs to lose to get to my "true weight".

I've been alternating PP and PV daily and my weight hasn't changed for over a week. I'm not so bothered about this (given the initial 10lb loss), and think that, given time, the weight will eventually come off.

My problem is that I'm going on holiday on Tuesday and it will be virtually impossible to stick to PP and PV on alternate days.

The book seems to say that for the Cruise phase you can do an alternating rhythm of 2 days PP per week and the rest of the week eating whatever. This is achievable for me on holiday BUT have I got this right? Will I put on weight doing this? Are there any other quirky Dukan rules I need to follow? Can I do the PP days on consecutive days?

Without some structure imposed by the diet, I'm liable to go off the rails, stuff my face on bread and cheese, and put it all back on again.

Thank you!

foreverondiet Thu 04-Aug-11 21:05:04

I found that actually I lost weight doing PV (and cutting back a bit on dairy) just as well as alternating, so quickly gave up on PP days.

BTW its not "eating whatever" its 2 days PP and 5 days PV.

I went on holiday mid dukan and just made a policy of:
- eating protein at every meal
- filing up on salads and veggies
- not drinking any calories
- not stuffing myself, ie eating until full
- even though it was all inclusive I did miss a couple of meals!

I did have (small portions) desserts / ice cream and I did have fruit at breakfast, although tried to stick to low sugar fruits but I passed on the mealtime carbs. I put on 2lbs (2week holiday) which I lost within 2 days of getting back - and I didn't feel I missed out on the nice holiday food.

I'd say on holiday - stick to PV every day as far as possible - eg omelette for breakfast, feta salad for lunch, grilled chicken and veggies for dinner, but don't worry about little planned cheats if you can manage not to stuff yourself with bread.

lovelola Thu 04-Aug-11 21:30:51

Thanks forever. I'd be delighted to put on 2lbs and lose it within 2 days of getting back.

But my book (in Cruise section) talks about the 2 days PP and 5 days PV (describing it as the "2/7 rhythm", then goes on to describe "the 2/0 ie 2 days of pure proteins a week on Mondays and Thursdays, followed by 5 normal days of no partiular diet but avoiding any extremes". Said to be good for "women with cellulite who are slim on top but heavy around the hips and thighs" - which is not me at all!

Has anyone ever tried this variation?

foreverondiet Thu 04-Aug-11 22:53:59

lovelola - I didn't notice that - I don't have cellulite but slim on top and heavy on hips and thighs is me (well was me wink)

Just focus on eating veggies and lean protein at each meal and avoid bread/pasta etc and you'll be fine.

I am in the consolidation phase, although am now focusing more on clean eating (ie would rather have a little bit of sugar than artificial sweeteners), although lots of dukan elements to my diet - eg still don't eat pasta / potatoes. Have added brown rice, quinoa & pulses as my carb portions. Oatbran and yoghurt still feature, have protein at each meal, and take a couple of meals a week off the diet.

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