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2 questions for Dukan dieters

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Mandy21 Wed 03-Aug-11 12:39:36

I'm on Day 4 of the attack phase and am doing OK (she says!). I'm getting a bit sick and tired of chicken, salmon and ham, and slightly worried that eating 2 eggs a day is a bit OTT. However, I'm going with it and keeping my fingers crossed.

I'm planning to do 5 days on attack (have approx 16/17 pounds to lose but wanted a good initial result) and am really looking forward to a few veggies! I have 2 questions :

It says you're allowed non-fat dairy products - so far I've only had 0% fat yoghurt and skimmed milked in tea and coffee. It talks about Quark - which I've looked up on the Sainsburys website and its 0.5% fat. What does it taste like, is it like a philadelphia kind of taste? Sainsburys also do a soft cheese which is 4% fat - would this be allowed?

Also, on one internet site, it says I can have fruit teas, on the mydukandiet website, it doesn't mention them. I'm guessing not?

Any advice would be welcome.


foreverondiet Wed 03-Aug-11 15:07:56

Quark - yes like philadelphia but not as nice and creamy. Quite solid though - I like it mixed with fat free fromage frais (quark too solid, fromage frais too runny!)

re: 4% cheese, probably not allowed but I think this depends on how much other fat you eat - if you eat red meat (even lean cuts 10%) and lots of salmon & smoked salmon then you are probably getting enough fat already, if you mainly eat white fish and chicken / turkey breast then a little fat in the cheese is nothing to worry about.

Fruit tea - amount of carbs would be minimal so I would think ok.

Mandy21 Thu 04-Aug-11 08:44:36

Thank you! Fruit tea - whoop whoop! Amazing what I'm looking forward to!

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