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2 stone to loose, where do i start??

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salempickles Mon 01-Aug-11 10:04:09

Have you ever had that realisation that you don't actually look like you think in your head, i had mine yesterday whilst out shopping i caught sight of myself in a shop window and all i wanted to do was to crawl back home without anyone else seeing me! I know ive put on weight, its getting it off i need to concentrate on now, but having not dieted for the last 7 years i don't know where to start.

I last lost a stone on WW, i still have all the info so thinking i should just pick that up again, but as money is really super tight at the mo i think i may slip up if im not going to the meetings, i also cant afford a gym membership so i'm starting running/jogging/slow walking! Where do i start.... I'm hoping someone will come along and say, there's a new diet been invented, when you eat a lettuce leaf and loose 2 stone immediately! (fingers crossed anyway)

UpsyDozy Mon 01-Aug-11 16:13:42

No magic wand I'm afraid. I recently started using MyFitnessPal which is an app on iphone. It's so easy to use (also has a website) and even has a barcode scanner so you can just scan in what you're eating. You answer a few questions and it tells you how many calories a day you are allowed.

Try not to think of it as "I must lose 2 stone" as that is a bit daunting! Just start cutting down, keep a food diary and try to exercise a bit more regularly. It's all about identifying the danger periods (for me it's the evening in front of the tv!) and doing something to distract yourself. It's really hard, I've recently discovered that I'm carrying an extra stone that just crept on!

Sounds like you're already on the right track, best of luck to us both!!

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