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Replacing smoking with food; any advice!?

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SpanglyGiraffe Fri 29-Jul-11 21:20:40

I quit smoking 2 months ago, but now i am eating so much junk it is unreal.

I have baby weight to lose anyway and i had managed to lose a stone before i gave up smoking, but now i know i'm adding more & more on! Chocolate seems to have replaced the cigarettes, and it's awful.

Has anyone else been in a similar situation?

ggirl Fri 29-Jul-11 21:27:19

Could you try one of those plastic fags or gum/mints.
Stop eating carbs and your carb craving for sugar will go in a few days.

Well done on quitting though , I did it yrs ago after many failed attempts so know how hard it is.

adamschic Fri 29-Jul-11 21:33:55

Giving up smoking is hard so well done on that. You have to not replace it with food or it will weaken your resolve.

I always thought that smoking speeded up your metabolism but have since realised that that is rubbish or all smokers would be slim. I gave up 6 months ago and my weight is fine but I did diet and lost half a stone.

babycham42 Sat 30-Jul-11 22:50:18

Same here! Replaced smoking with overeating 7 mths ago.Don"t know the answer but I know we did good giving up smoking SpanglyGiraffe!You"re not alone. I"m sure that when the time is right for each of us we can apply the same determination we used to give up smoking to losing any excess weight.

sittinginthesun Sat 30-Jul-11 22:54:31

My mum gave up smoking around 20 years ago, and found she ate tonnes for the first few weeks.

She was completely determined to stop. Her trick was, every time she had a craving for a cigarette or biscuit, she had a large glass of water.

I swear, within 6 months, she looked 10 years younger. Tough, but it worked.

SpanglyGiraffe Mon 01-Aug-11 12:29:41

Thankyou everyone, it's good to know i'm not on my own!

babycham, definitely, we'll get there! smile

Firsttimer7259 Tue 02-Aug-11 10:46:48

Freeze fruit -grapes or banana slices were faves. believe me frozen banana is really yum! Eat/suck on that while you are battling cravings, eventually wean yourself off the habit tho...

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