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Doing well on low carb but will have to cheat at the weekend. How bad will it be?

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VeggieButcher Fri 29-Jul-11 09:46:05

So I've been doing low carb for a week (sticking to below 30g carbs a day) and have gone from 10st 10lbs to 10st 6lbs this morning. My goal weight it 10st.

The thing is, tomorow I will be cheating and having a steak-bake from the bakery and a "chip shop" fish (no chips) for dinner.

Will this carb indulgence harm my weight loss significantly?? I mean, you can't put on weight through one steak bake and a bit of batter on ONE day, right?

ZZMum Fri 29-Jul-11 09:48:10

you would be surprised - very easy to put on a couple of pounds after being so good - Ijust do not get why you HAVE to eat this crap so soon into your success - can you not just have the fish from the chippy and leave batter?

Eat it but take consequences of a couple of steps back - is it worth it?

ajaybaines Fri 29-Jul-11 09:49:18

Sorry but this is why I think low carb diets are a load of rubbish. If you enjoy eating carbs and want to keep them in your diet then why not just eat healthily and do some exercise. You could eat fewer calories today and tomorrow if you wanted to have a blow out and you wouldn't then be worrying about the impact of treating yourself occasionally (which is a necessary thing to do when you;re on a diet, IMO!)

Well done on losing 4 pounds though!

VeggieButcher Fri 29-Jul-11 09:55:57

Well the very awkward thing is, I have to keep this low carb thing a secret. My mum suffers from anxiety and this really sets her off to find out I'm dieting (due to a few eating problems as a teen) and I can't risk her finding out. I've even gone as far as to make up some silly "alergy" to bread so that she doesn't keep trying to force sandwiches on me. DP is taking me to see a band and we're spending the day in the city and he will know somethings up if I take an egg salad with me and refuse anything from the chippy.

Can anyone think of damage limitation foods I could eat whilst there instead?

(god this post now reads like I have an eating disorder, I don't - I just have a very overbearing protective family. )

ajaybaines Fri 29-Jul-11 10:03:09

Who are you hiding your diet from, your Mum or DP, or both?

That's just not sustainable.

If you've suffered from eating problems in the past (as I have) I really do think the best thing to do is to make healthy choices, exercies regularly and throw away the scales. Not follow faddy diets that you have to keep secret from everyone.

ajaybaines Fri 29-Jul-11 10:04:05

Sorry, I appreciate that you didn't write this post for a lecture! But honestly, I don't think what you're proposing is sensible, especially given you've already hit a problem in the first week.

VeggieButcher Fri 29-Jul-11 16:33:23

I've tried dieting before by making healthy choices and I just don't lose any weight. Low carbing is the only thing that works with me.

I'm planning on introducing carbs back in to my diet in two weeks. Once I'm at my desired weight I'll know what I can eat and what I can't eat in order to maintain it smile

foreverondiet Fri 29-Jul-11 18:56:44

You could easily put on 4-5lbs over the weekend! That's what a carb fest does to me. And thats without following a ketosis diet.

As far as the fish and chip shop goes, well I don't eat that sort of food ever. Mainly as I get indigestion from fried foods, and now as a result I can't bear to eat fried food (very small amounts wouldn't cause indigestion) because I don't enjoy it at all.

Personally I think that you should say that you are embracing healthy eating to improve your health. Do not mention dieting, or weight loss. Just that you don't fancy fish and chips.

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