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Has anyone tried Biocarb?

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DizzyDummy Wed 27-Jul-11 19:09:12

Just seen an advert for these natural tablets that block up to 66% of the carb content of your meal. Just wondering if anyone has tried them or are they just another 'too good to be true' product?

itstheclimb39 Wed 27-Jul-11 20:15:08

tell me more x

DizzyDummy Wed 27-Jul-11 23:50:30

Well heres a link for some info climb so I'm just waiting to see if any MNers have tried it.
biocarb info

foreverondiet Thu 28-Jul-11 15:33:40

If they are so great, why are they only sold from one internet retailer, and only have 6 reviews? I'd love to believe it, but if it worked (at all) they'd be sold in Boots.

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