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Low carbers - a little of what you fancy?

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Saracen Wed 27-Jul-11 06:24:49

I've been on Atkins for eleven months. It's going really well, slowly but surely. I'm going to stick with roughly the same regime, but I want a bit more variety.

There are a few fairly high-carb foods which I allow myself in tiny quantities because it makes a big difference to me. Does anybody else do this, and do you have any suggestions?

My favourites are

Nuts. I enjoy playing hunt-the-pistachio through my salad, LOL. It only takes about four nuts in a huge salad to make me happy. For me, pistachios are the safest to have around because I can't easily just toss a handful into my mouth while I'm making the salad - the shells slow me down!

Really good fruity jam. I have found that a very thin layer of my favourite raspberry jam on a thick slab of cheese will do for me.

Seeds. I like the little crunch I get from a tablespoon of these on my salad or green veg. My favourite is Food Doctor Savoury Seed Blend. At 2.4 g carb per 100 g you wouldn't want to eat them by the handful in front of the TV, but small amounts are tasty!

Any other ideas? Cheers!

Spamspamspam Wed 27-Jul-11 08:01:13

Saracen, I read another thread where you said you had done this for 11 months and only broke the diet twice - that's AMAZING!! I am seriously in awe of you, well done!!!

Have you tried The Idiot Proof Cook Book - it's a recipe book which accompanies (sp) the Idiot Proof Diet which is essentially low carb/atkins.

The cook book has kept me and my husband on the straight and narrow, there are loads of recipes and ideas for salads, soups, snacks, dinners, light meals and even puddings - maybe give it a try for a bit of a change to your meals.

Saracen Thu 28-Jul-11 07:18:55

Aw thanks, how nice of you!

I hadn't heard of that cookbook or diet; I'll have to have a look.


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