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Does anyone have any experience with using the Tony Ferguson eating plan?

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TheOriginalFAB Mon 25-Jul-11 16:12:36

I nipped into Boots and realising I had missed lunch I thought I would get one of the snack bars. I didn't in the end but they did have a starter pack. I am going to restart the Paul McKenna way of eating but was interested in this one too.

SteelTownGirl Mon 25-Jul-11 21:03:40

Hi, I bought a Mail on Sunday and there was an ad in for this - I was thinking of giving it a try but I know very little about it - is it like Slim Fast?
I have a month to go before my hols and could do with toning up and losing about half a stone.
I'm just not getting to grips with eating sensibly and need a change of tack I think.
Would love to hear if anyone's tried it. The starter pack is £40 I think so I would like to hear something positive before investing!

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