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Tell me your WeightWatchers (or other diet-friendly) staples!

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PassTheTwiglets Mon 25-Jul-11 11:15:09

I have been doing, and sticking to, WW (old-style, not ProPoints) for months now and am generally doing really well. But I tend to eat a lot of the same food and could do with some inspiration for new foods - whether that be main meals, snacks or whatever (main thing I need inspiration for is lunches). I will share mine stock WW foods and would love to know if anyone has any to share in return!

Breakfast is always crumpets with v.low fat spread or fruit & WW yoghurt.

Lunch nearly always a tuna/prawn/ham sandwich with WW Malted Danish bread with Hellmans v.lowfat mayo instead of spread (mayo makes it creamy but with virtually no calories, compared to even the lowest-fat spread).

Dinner - Quorn in virtually every way possible, low-fat sausages (as casseroles, saus & mash, traybakes), fish with homemade fat-free chips, veg vurry, caponata but without the oil (this is FAB), lots of bulking up with more 'interesting' veg such as grilled aubergines with lemon & salt, butternut squash, grilled courgettes with mint etc.

Snacks are WW crisps or fruit. And I have a Skinny Cow mint ic-cream almost every evening smile

foreverondiet Mon 25-Jul-11 14:25:53

- eggs for omelettes
- fat free cottage cheese and fat free natural yoghurt
- apples
- chicken breasts
- salad stuff
- tinned sardines & mackeral - add fat free fromage frais to make dressing for salad
- mountains of veggies, including frozen if I run out
- tins of chopped tomatoes and passatta
- frozen berries good to add to natural yoghurt
- frozen white fish - v low in calories and cheap

Well done on loosing the weight! How much have you lost and how much left to go?

Insomnia11 Mon 25-Jul-11 15:25:26

I like Sainsbury's soups in pots - Tom Yum prawn and Chicken Laksa are lush and make a good lunch, also Innocent Veg pots. Asda pasta salad bowls very nice too and 250 - 350 calories. More filling than sandwiches. Sort of stuff I'm having for lunch now.

Waitrose Mango Sorbet lollies are 79 calories.

And mushrooms. I eat lots of mushrooms. Bovril is great, 9 calories a cup or something.

PassTheTwiglets Mon 25-Jul-11 17:11:43

I will look at all those, thank you! pasta salad bowls sound great. Also love sardines/mackerel but aren't they very oily and high in Points


foreverondiet Mon 25-Jul-11 20:39:07

I buy sardines and mackeral tinned in brine so all the "oil" is good omega 3 fish oil which we all need, especially when on a diet. I make into a salad with salad veggies and dressing based on fat free fromage frais so there are very little other calories in the lunch other than the fish (not doing points). IMO when it comes to the point that you can't justify oily fish as its too many calories or points there is something really wrong with your diet.

I started off doing tesco diet totals plan but eventually reached a plateau even on as low as 1200 a day. I then lost more on dukan, I now eat much "cleaner" still based on dukan principles, for example I'd never touch crumpets, fat reduced spread or WW crisps as I'd see it all as processed and hence empty calories. Also I lose weight (and keep it off) more easily without white refined carbs. I think that if your calories are restricted due to dieting its important to make them all count!

I do have occasional treat of del monte duo frozen yoghurt (2 packs for £2 in tesco) as hard to get eating totally perfect.

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