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Any particular porridge better for you from the GI POV?

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twoboots Mon 25-Jul-11 11:03:58

i like the convienence of sachets of oats so simple, i make it with soy milk.
however looking at the consistency, it seems to be made from the sweepings.
what are the healthiest oats for porridge?
and talk me through an idiots recipe (microwave optional)

foreverondiet Mon 25-Jul-11 11:48:08

IIRC jumbo oats are low GI. Instant oats are high GI. Oatbran also low GI, and v healthy good souce soluble fibre

Soy milk is ok but is higher GI than normal milk. I generally make in milk pan on cooker.

1/2 cup jumbo oats - (or mix jumbo oats and oatbran around 3/4 oats and 1/4 oatbran). Add milk (I think around a cup?) and let simmer for a couple of minutes, stir a couple of times. Or use microwave.

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