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Our local leisure centre provides a brilliant creche 2 hours £3!

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bacon Sun 24-Jul-11 11:49:24

Couldnt believe it when someone told me about the local sports staduim had a creche 3m - 8yrs. Annoyed that this wasnt advertised before as this is one of the reasons why I struggle to get out because I have two young children and hubby working. I find it impossible to do exercise after 8pm at night with the mad day I have plus all the food prep for the day and next day. I cant just diet as I deffinately need to fat burn, improve my energy and get a figure before its too late.

Its not amazing creche, tiny room with no windows but its safe and they are looked after. But at £3 for 2 hours cant be sniffed at - this means I can do a one hour class plus a swim, shower and dress.

Unbelieveably cheap against the posh private health gym which charges £6.50ph.

Just thought this may help some ladies with pre-school children. Worth checking this out. But I am annoyed at the county council who dont advertise this at all.

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