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Low carbs as a veggie?

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bringinghomethebacon Sat 16-Jul-11 20:39:10

Hi I know there is a general low carb thread and I've just read it for ideas, but didn't want to hijack it. I have no fricking idea how I am going to do low carbs I have just signed up with a personal trainer and he wants me to do low carbs during the day and no carbs at all after 6pm. As a veggie I know I really get my energy from carbs at the moment and have little time to cook in the week as I don't get home until after 8pm some nights. Not a big fan of quorn either! He is coming to do a more detailed nutrition plan with me but I just don't how how I'm going to find the time to cook all these bloody lentils! Can you tell I don't really want to do this?

HeyH0 Sun 17-Jul-11 00:03:27

Personal opinion? Dukan, Atkins etc aren't very veggie friendly, but GI/GL principles can work. First up, ask him for numbers, how many grams of carbs per day?

I'm a veggie who loathes tofu, is indifferent towards most Quorn products & can't eat cheese stronger than mozzarella... I've lost half the weight I need to shift since the end of February (over 4 stone) by limiting refined carbs, monitoring calorie intake and generally being sensible.

I still manage to scoff the odd pasta based ready meal, slice of pizza and a few glasses of wine each week; I exercise with a heart rate monitor, so have a reasonable idea of what I burn off during each exercise session... Don't despair!

Report back after you've spoken to the PT, someone will have suggestions. Good luck! smile

foreverondiet Sun 17-Jul-11 19:08:29

Low carb (atkins style) doesn't work as a veggie as it wouldnt allow pulses or dairy.

But you can do moderate carb if you can learn to love quorn, tofu, dairy, eggs and pulses.

Here are some ideas:
breakfasts - omelette and greek yoghurt.
lunch - cottage cheese or tofu salad
legume and veggie soup
veggies cooked with chopped tomato with pulses
quorn and veggies bolgnaise poured over cauliflower
tofu or quorn stir fry

re: the pulses - I either open tins OR soak batches on saturday, cook on sunday and then use from fridge all week.

bringinghomethebacon Sun 17-Jul-11 19:52:25

I have done GI before and found that manageable. I'm really not a diet person and actually generally have found in the past that as long as I exercise regularly I don't really need to diet. However I do need to get to my target weight quite quickly so I probably do need to diet until I am there.

Thanks for the meal suggestions forever, those are really helpful. I have just looked up some slow cooker lentil based recipes as well that I could bung in on a morning before I go to work.

chunkythighs Sun 17-Jul-11 23:30:20

Been using this as my bible for the past few months smile

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