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Confused bout NEW Proplus Points System can anyone explain please?

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Wecanfixit Sat 16-Jul-11 06:35:45

Hjust joined WW this week was used to old system of counting points, now confused to how the new system works and am getting in a muddle , tried the wheel didnt manage to work it , I am just being a dumby or is there something I am missing?

Furball Sat 16-Jul-11 07:08:53

post this on the WW thread

they'll be able to answer - they won't mind, they are a friendly bunch and will welcome you gladly. smile

My very basic knowledge of WW is take what you know about the old system and throw it out the window it is nothing at all like the new.

Wecanfixit Sat 16-Jul-11 08:33:33

Okay many thanks will do.

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