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is having 3 slimfast shakes a day the same as lighterlife?

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carat Thu 14-Jul-11 11:26:23

I can't find any nutritional value info on lighterlife, but rather than spend the £70+ per week, is it not the same as having three slimfast/ complan/ biggest loser shakes?

I know these aren't meant as total food replacement (probably due to insurance/ not having been seen by your GP etc), but nutritionally, are they the same?

It would be cheaper for me to do this as Tesco (and other supermarkets) have great offers on at the moment. I know you pay extra for the counselling, which is invaluable.

Thoughts please!

DooinMeCleanin Thu 14-Jul-11 11:29:05

I tried it not long ago and almost passed out on day three, so I'd say no. Maybe if you had 5 shakes a day. Slimfast is little over 200 calories a shake. You cannot survive on 400 calories a day, you just can't.

lynniep Thu 14-Jul-11 11:30:59

I doubt it. (No actual evidence though lol) Plus slimfasts are full of sugar - make you feel hungry! What about exante? Four weeks supply is £100 - you buy it online. I've been doing it for 2.5 weeks now and I rarely feel hungry, whereas I've always had to give up on slimfast after a few days because of that.

going Thu 14-Jul-11 11:34:07

I think your teeth would go bad really quickley, it's so full of sugar. Also the sugar highs will make you feel hungey really quickly!

carat Thu 14-Jul-11 11:39:39

Haven't heard of Exante, so I'll investigate.

I had no idea they were full of sugar!

RGPargy Thu 14-Jul-11 13:08:59

Good grief!! Please dont do this!! Replacement shakes are awful IMO. Losing weight is all about putting less in your body, counting calories and not going overboard with carb laden and processed foods. You will find that if you go back to basic natural food, i.e. meat, fish, veg, salad and fruit, you will lose weight sensibly while still being able to enjoy lovely dinners!

Find a support network online to help and encourage you. I personally use "My Fitness Pal" which will help you calculate your calories needed per day to lose weight and which also has a great forum. Although it's based in the USA, there are tons of UK people on there too. It even has an iphone app where you can log your food (and even scan it too!).

Good luck!

JohnniesBitch Thu 14-Jul-11 13:09:34

lighterlife is a 600-700 calorie a day plan. ive done ti before lost a heck of a lot of weight but all crept back on again once started eating again, and that was sticking to low calore/low fat foods and plenty of fruit and veggies.

Ive just started slimming world and hoping to re-educate and lose weight by doing it the slow ish way.

cyb Thu 14-Jul-11 13:11:46


You wil lose weight initially, but it will ALL come back on. it is not a sustainable way of keeping weight off. You have to change the way you eat for the rest of your life

it took time to put the weight on, it wil take time to get it off and keep it off

uninspired Thu 14-Jul-11 23:42:42

IIRC Lighterlife, Cambridge and Exante are low calorie and low carb whereas the others are just low calorie.

The main difference is that lower carb sends you into ketosis so you don't feel hungry, which makes it slightly easier to stick to.

I agree with those that say sensible eating is the way to go, but I am a hypocrite who lost 3 stone using Cambridge shakes and Atkins a few years back and managed to keep most of it off

lollipoppet Fri 15-Jul-11 12:51:07

I've done this, it's similar to doing lipotrim. It is really hard for first few days but you will get used to it and probably lose lots of weight fast. However it is so so hard to stick to! Especially as everything social seems to revolve around eating/drinking. I couldn't do it myself again now as looking after baby I need food! You could try following slim fast properly, 2 shakes and a healthy meal? Good luck anyway!

Firsttimer7259 Fri 22-Jul-11 10:07:21

I am on week 3 of Lighter Life Lite. Thats 3 foodpacks and a meal a day. Meal is meat and veg (no carbs) and daily portions of fats and dairy are given too. Its ok, easier than slimfast, Ithink cos of the low carb element helping to make you feel less hungry. I have far far fewer sweet cravings (and I was an addict)

But I am in it for the counselling and the management programme rather than for the fast weight loss and the foodpacks. I would like to crack my eating mentality. In a sense I am hoping investing to this level in being slim will help. I also thought abstaining from food for a while will help me to understand better how and why I eat.

In terms of calories the food packs are around 200 cals each and the prog states we are on a 800-1200cal a day diet. So sure it works, like any diet I know I need to see it through to the bitter end and reintroduce food slowly to avoid yo-yoing. Feels a bit like the last chance saloon...

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