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Advice regarding my diet please :)

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TyMinisterForMagic Wed 13-Jul-11 22:04:06

Hi I have started a diet and am doing a very fun and sweaty exercise dvd. grin
My aim is to lose 30lbs. I am 11st 7lbs atm and a size 12, is this a sensible amount or should I am to lose less?
I feel I need some advice regarding the diet, I want to do a calorie counting diet but went to the pub yesterday and had a salad, which I always thought was healthy but on my fitness plan it came up as 900 calories, I could of eaten a curry for less hmm
Can I ask what are a cheap, sensible option would be for all meals,
for breakfast I have had weetabix with semi skimmed milk and obviously no sugar, I have one cup of tea with one sugar and a small dash of milk. <I used to have 2 sugars and plan on going down to no sugars eventually but dont want to feel ill from cutting all sugar out to quick IYKWIM>
Then for dinner I either have a small plate of what everyone else is having or a salad.
I am also not eating after 8pm and drinking lots of water.
I feel like just living off weetabix for a few weeks tbh 3 times a day sad
I really have no idea what I am doing, my sister is meant to be joining me but she is still eating chocolate etc so I dont think she is suffering the same as I am grin
Please can I have some advice smile

foreverondiet Wed 13-Jul-11 23:26:59

1. Target weight. Can't comment without knowing more. Depends on height, frame size and how toned.

2. Pub salad, yes with dressing sometimes salads are very high calorie option.

3. Calorie counting ok to get feel for portion size but IMO just as important to focus on quality of what you are eating. Do not live off weetabix - its ok but once a day is enough.

My daily eating has been:

Breakfast - either 2 egg omelette & some fat free natural yoghurt OR fat free natural yoghurt, banana and muesli

Lunch - salad with tuna / mackeral / smoked salmon / sardines plus dressing made with fat free fromage frais.

Dinner - lean protein, veggies, small portion brown rice.

Snacks - 2 portions of fruit / fruit yoghurt / nut or seeds

I love the book "Adore yourself Slim" - by Lisa Jackson I think it would really help you.

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