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10lbs to go and it is not shifting!!

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Dillie Sat 09-Jul-11 12:01:08

hey there! i have lost 3st and feel great! But I just cant seem to get shot of the last 10lbs and it is driving me nuts!

Any tips for the last push to goal? Should I stick with jut 29 points or use all the 49?

I do excercise when I can. I have sciatica so some days all I can do is walk straight! I would swim, but I cant swim particularly well and find it puts a strain on my spine when trying not to sink.

I wonder if I am eating too much fruit (daily is banana, apple, grapes). i have cut back on gluten/wheat which has helped to now.

What can I do? Any tips will be gratefully recieved smile

WhatsWrongWithYou Sat 09-Jul-11 12:13:36

You sound very similar to me. I've lost 11/2 stone very slowly, but have held on to this last 10lbs for about a year now. (Did lose most of it before my hols last summer but put most of it on again at the buffet, then more at Christmas/half term ski-ing).
I have mild scoliosis which is not nearly as debilitating as sciatica, but I do have constant pain and stiffness from it so exercise is also not so easy.
I do think, however, exercise is the key for me. I find the weights at the gym actually help, although I have to will away the aches on the cardio machines!
And I think I've finally found an exercise DVD that I can do (as long as I don't push it), and not get bored with after a week, so I'm aiming to try and do something every day. (I'm 48, which I'm sure also makes a difference).
I follow a no-sugar diet which doesn't have a points element, so I think we're not so similar in diet approach.
Will watch this thread with interest for useful hints!

foreverondiet Sun 10-Jul-11 00:17:17

I think if you have reached a plateau at that point (I did) try something different for a couple of weeks. I was doing tesco diets (like weightwatchers) and switched to low carb (dukan) - I also upped the exercise (30DS on non gym days) but I can see that with health issues thats not always possible.

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