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EricNorthmansMistressOfPotions Sat 09-Jul-11 08:41:14

Anyone done it? I need to get started with losing some weight and was going to do slim fast for two weeks (I know, I know) and take alli for a month, expensive hmm but I cannot get myself in gear otherwise. I have two stone to lose.

So before I click 'buy' has anyone experience of alli?

Vajazzler Sat 09-Jul-11 09:30:14

I've been prescribed the stronger version of orlistat by my GP and have had no ill effects. I follow a low fat diet <am doing weightwatchers> .
If you take it and eat a diet high in fat then the fat that has been eliminated by the drug must come out. And it will. Urgently!
I think its worth it. I've lost 20lb in 6 weeks.

EricNorthmansMistressOfPotions Sat 09-Jul-11 10:32:55

Well I've ordered 42 tablets to try it. How many do you take a day? I assumed two. I think it will help me to keep on the straight and narrow as I don't like the idea of 'oily spotting' <shudder>

Vajazzler Sat 09-Jul-11 20:03:27

I take one with every meal so 3 a day. That's what it says on my prescription.

EricNorthmansMistressOfPotions Sat 09-Jul-11 20:30:40


Vajazzler Sat 09-Jul-11 20:33:27

No prob! I was very nervous during the first few days, reading food labels to make sure i didnt inadvertantly eat something with loads of fat! <shudders at the thought of oily spotting>

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