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Anyone done a juice fast?

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cherrysodalover Sat 09-Jul-11 07:21:25

Okay so I am 17 pounds above my fighting weight-baby is 18 months and I am still b feeding. Just seen this inspiring documentary called fat sick and rich about a man who does a juice fast and I am thinking of doing a 10 day one to detox my system but not sure if it is advisable if I am still b feeding.

I just feel I need to get the weight off before we try for another baby so I am as fit as possible.

Has anyone done a juice fast whilst b feeding?

julinka Tue 12-Jul-11 11:07:59

Hi Cherry,

It would not be advisable if your baby was small and exclusively breastfed.However,yours is 18 months and get additional vitamine and nutritions from solids.I have read interesting articles on women who fast during Ramadan and breastfeed and there have been some research done on fasting and breastfeeding,so it is possible.These women don't drink and eat during the day,sometimes up to 12 hours-and can break the fast in the evening and it lasts for 30 days.So definitely possible to do it,just the content of your milk will change,won't have much fat and nutritional value but since your baby is bigger it won't matter that much.

I myself lost 3 stones in a short time when my son was 19 months and breastfed and was told it is not good etc.My son is now 27 months and I still have plenty of milk and thinking myself of going on Jason Vale juice diet as I can't seem to shift another stone.

Good luck with it.

We can send each other tips if you like.


foreverondiet Tue 12-Jul-11 15:19:49

Ask this on BFing board, but if you have fat stores, your milk should not be compromised or affected from eating less.

Ramadan is totally different as the woman don't drink either during the day. It makes a massive difference: I tried to do a religious fast when BFing with DS1 but after 15 hours of not eating or drinking I was about to collapse and so couldn't continue but when the same situation arose with DS2, I was told to drink normally. It was only 1 day and I only drank water (would have drunk juice/milk if I'd been hungry) but my milk didn't seem to be affected.

HOWEVER I think there are better and healthier ways to loose weight than to do a juice fast.

cherrysodalover Wed 13-Jul-11 00:39:39

Thanks so much .

It was a veg juice fast I was going to do so really raw veg for 7 days- the guy in the documentary looked sooo healthy at the end of 60 days of doing it that made me think of it-just the idea of de toxing the system and putting all that raw goodness in for week.I have never ever been on a diet but am about 14 pounds over my pre preg weight and this last bit is sticking around.

Julinka- well done on the weight loss to you. Let me know if you start the juice fast- I am just trying fish or chicken with big pile of stir fry veggies every night for this week. Trouble is the b feeding has really given me an appetite these last 19 months!

julinka Wed 13-Jul-11 15:14:43

Yes I know what you mean regards the appetite haha.I have actually gained the weight after my son was born,not that much during pregnancy(probably around stone and half).Lost it soon after the birth,due to stress,not enough sleep.When things settled and I was a lot at home,I started gaining.

If you really need a kick start I suggest maybe joining one of the slimming clubs.I joined WW and the idea of weekly meetings really worked for me.It gave me a motivation and 'fear' of being weighted every week.I have since left as our leader stopped working for WW and seem to be sort of maintaining but can't seem to motivate myself for another stone.

Your idea of veg juice fast is interesting.I think it is not a bad idea,in the end you are not going to live on the juice forever and because it is veg and fruit,it must be healthy for your baby too.

I would like to start as soon as I purchase a good blender.Have you got a blender already?We could do it together.


bubaluchy Wed 13-Jul-11 15:28:21

I have done two juice fasts but not whilst BFing, Jason Vale's book is really good, I would start on apple and carrot juices then apple celery and ginger (not too much ginger)
I tried beetroot and celery (boak!)
But it really is a lovely feeling to get back in touch with your body, in fact I think I will start one tomorrow smile

bubaluchy Wed 13-Jul-11 20:43:05

btw you dont need a blender you need a juicer

cherrysodalover Thu 14-Jul-11 00:04:41

julinka.....we are keeping our eye out for a second hand good juicer so I will let you know when we get hold of one.Kind of thing people buy, never use and get rid of. I have never done ww or the like but can see how effective they must be......but no one to look after my son whilst I go.

Totally empathise on the b feeding front...I have just been so relaxed and have really enjoyed eating big portions and bowls of ice cream when I feel like it but I really feel that i should get back to a slim weight before this just becomes my norm as it were.

I was just so inspired by this documentary FAT SICK AND RICH( he meets this really overweight guy who also goes on the juice fast and loses a huge amount of weight......and then his whole community start doing it) how this guy's health was just transformed and remembered how great it used to feel to be really fit!

Thanks bubaluchy- going to see if library has the book.

I have never ever done a diet but I really need to discipline myself somehow.

julinka Thu 14-Jul-11 17:06:55

Wow where was that documentary?On BBC?Might have a look online.Sounds really interesting.If he can do it,then we can too :-)

I also haven't bought a juicer yet,the one Jason Vale recommend is about 60 pounds I think.Quite expensive,but might need to invest in one if I want to start or as you say second handed would be helpful.
Btw I used to go to WW meetings with my son(although he was younger then and more manageable,now he won't keep still :-).They are quite flexible in terms of bringing children with you.And the meetings are in the evening and during the day.Perhaps your husband can look after him in the evening.

Whatever suits you,think this juice diet sounds really good.

Bubaluchy-thank you for the correction,yes juicer,silly me haha.So pleased you have tried it and it worked.How long did you do it for?And do you have some useful recipes for smoothies,juices?I haven't read the book either.

bubaluchy Thu 14-Jul-11 17:44:48

I have borrowed one from a friend green power juicer, she said "I was going to put it on ebay, you can buy it from me if you like" I looed it up online to see how much I could offer her (I was thinking £40 Max)
To my astonishment it was £350!
Also on youtube there are loads of juicing diaries done by really inspiring people.
Good luck smile

cherrysodalover Fri 22-Jul-11 00:48:11

Thanks julinka- I did not know that about ww. The documentary we watched was on netflix- US version of I love film but where you download it onto your tv.It is really inspiring and so moving-I just saw how really obese people ( the one guy they focused on) are clearly facing issues that most of us do not understand.It is bad that we judge( I really think our society does) a fat person more than an alcoholic or drug addict somehow in our society when I guess the causes are usually similar- the need to escape through some sort of substance.Anyway....

As soon as we get a good juicer- we have seen them for 70 quid second hand we will give it a go and let you know how we get on!

julinka Mon 25-Jul-11 13:14:20

Hi cherry,

couldn't find the documentary but i totally agree on how our society judges obese people.It is the form of addiction(ha my addiction to bread is hard to overcome too :-),and I don't think they get same support as drug/alcohol substances.

I have seen Philip HR 1861 on sale in Argos for 66 pounds including juice book.Considering buying as read great reviews.

What do you think?

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