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Need to lose some weight before saturday. Wearing my 10 yr old wedding dress. Any tips?

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princessProudmel Mon 04-Jul-11 20:54:42

I'm doing no carbs, no junk ( sweets, cake crisps, choc etc), drinking green tea and lots of water.
Loads of salad...

It's my 10th wedding anniversary party on saturday and I'm wearing my wedding dress!! It's been altered(sp) and looks fab. It's just very ,very tight! I'm scared it will burst open or not do up. Plus it's not comfy sad

Any tips? And how possible is it in 5 days to see a difference?


talkingnonsense Mon 04-Jul-11 20:56:36

Ah how lovely! Drink loads of water. Wear spanx?

MumPotNoodle Mon 04-Jul-11 20:59:16

body wrap smile

princessProudmel Mon 04-Jul-11 21:01:53

I'm doing the loads of water thing. Keep weeing...!
I'm not sure about spanx as the dress is sooo tight it really only just does up. Spanx would be an extra layer, when I tried it on with a vest underneath it wouldn't do up. sad
The bodice , boob part is fine. Fits perfectly. It's just the waist bit. sad

thebeansmum Tue 05-Jul-11 17:18:46

As a pp said - a professionally done body wrap at a good salon, not promising it will last more than a few days, but brilliant for a one off! Other than that, do what you're doing. Good luck!

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