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How can you tell if you are 'big boned'? Does it even exist?

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peggotty Mon 04-Jul-11 11:08:47

Is it possible to know if you are big boned? If I lose a certain amount of weight I immediately start to look better, slim even, but I am still officially in the' overweight' range. I do have broad shoulders and am above average height. Is there any such thing heavy bones?

Nicola567 Mon 04-Jul-11 11:14:02

I am nearly 6' with size 8 feet and broad shoulders and hips.

I look my best at 14 stone which is still overweight but any lighter and I look "lanky"

I don't think you can have heavier bones but some people carry weight better than others.

mrswarthog Mon 04-Jul-11 11:24:19

It's frame size rather than heavy bones. Apparently the heavier you are the lighter your bones are because wrong / poor nutrition. I'm 5'11, BMI of 25, but I have little hands, size 6 feet & I look a bit chunky at the moment. I actually don't look slim until have a BMI of about 20, which is borderline underweight for my height & advancing age.

foreverondiet Mon 04-Jul-11 12:02:42

Wrist size. There are web calculators that will tell you.

peggotty Mon 04-Jul-11 14:41:39

Thanks for that foreveronadiet! According to that I am large framed (surprise surprisehmm). But at least it means I don't gave quite as much weight to lose to be in a healthy range smile

mousymouse Mon 04-Jul-11 14:44:43

yep it is more the frame (i.e. muscles and fat to fill that frame) than the actual bone mass/weight.

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