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What eating plan would you recommend for me?

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goinnowhere Sun 03-Jul-11 20:32:04

Hi all. I would like to lose 2 stone. Please could you help me find the best plan? I am hourglass shaped and weight goes on thighs and bum mainly. I work nearly full time in a tiring job and have young DC. In terms of food, my downfall is cakes/biscuits/crisps, not so much chocolate or alcohol. I am not a fussy eater at all, but family members can be angry. I have lost weight in the past, but have gained it back slowly after pregnancy and tough times. I would say I am an emotional eater, but also feel really hungry, and can get quite sick and dizzy feeling if I let hunger get too advanced!
What would all you wised people recommend as an approach?

ZZMum Mon 04-Jul-11 12:32:35

Hey - you sound shape and weight size just like me.

I would suggest that you go for the lower carb option as I find that cutting out white flour/sugar etc and eating more protein really fills me up to the point where I do not graze or pick and my need for sugar is killed off - this is the key for me for weight loss - I have low blood pressure and find I can get quite giddy if I do not eat enough but the high protein never causes this - I still do eat some carbs so I am never in need of energy.

so my diet is based around lowish far protein such as chicken/fish/ lots of low fat yoghurt without sugar /berries/veg and salad - nuts and pulses..

goinnowhere Mon 04-Jul-11 21:43:58

Glad you said that, as I was thinking the same thing myself. I did it for a bit, and although weight did not drop off, it did address energy levels, and hunger, so with a bit more portion control, it could be good. Can I ask what you have for breakfast and lunch typically?

ZZMum Tue 05-Jul-11 23:16:41

hi! Sorry for delay - OK for breakfast I have either yoghurt/blueberries/oatbran or I make scrambled eggs with tomatoes/chill/coriander - it is really nice and cheers up what can be quite dull eggs if not accompagnied by buttered toast!

Lunch - either a massive salad with something like mackerel or grilled halloumi or spicy sausages.. or I make a soup with lots of veggies but chuck in a lot of lentils or beans - it is the protein from them that makes them filling (also was shown that soup is more filling that if you just ate the ingredients separately)

If I get hungry I tend to snack on nuts - plain or salted almonds are faves - need to watch the number though!

I have lost about 1/2 stone doing this - need to lose another 2 though but I do feel it is the way to go for me as it stops me picking and keeps my energy levels constant - no carb just makes me too weak to cope and I land up eating chocs for an energy boost.

let me know how you get on!!

ivykaty44 Tue 05-Jul-11 23:19:19

can get quite sick and dizzy feeling if I let hunger get too advanced!

small meals and often.
weigh your food in some ways - say measure your cereal and then work out what bowl it fits into so you can pour it into a small bowl each morning - porridge would be a good option then a banana or apple for a 10.30 snack, small portion of nuts and seeds for mid afternoon snack and small salad type meals for the summer

goinnowhere Tue 05-Jul-11 23:22:39

No need to apologise! Thanks for answering. This is what I have been headed towards, so will continue with it. Find lunch a bit difficult as I am at work so need to make more soup,as I could take that in with me. Nuts are good, but agree, can be hard to stop! Thanks. Will keep you posted.

berkshirefem Thu 07-Jul-11 15:37:52

Hve you tried going Vegan? It's really worked for me. Skinny B** and Allen Carr's easyweigh are good.

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