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Please share with me your diet meal plans for the week

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cherryboomboom Fri 01-Jul-11 22:35:39

I feel like I am eating the same boring stuff and need some inspiration! I also need to kickstart my meal planning again so I don't fall off the wagon!
So please share with me what your are intending to eat for the next week.

raspberrytart Sun 03-Jul-11 21:40:17

I generally cant eat much before tenish, just lots of tea but if have time will have
Fresh fruit with low fat yogurt
crumpets with low sugar jam or marmite
poached,scrambled egg


Smoked mackeral and beetroot salad
hoummus and veg sticks and pitta
prawn salad with sprinkling of seeds
tin of mixed beans mashed with chilli,coriander made into cakes and grilled


grilled big mushrooms with mozzarella and tomato and basil
veg chilli and rice
veg tagine and cous cous
veg curry and wrap
baked salmon with new potatoes and salad

snack a jacks, only 52 cals for the caramel, and salt and vinegar flavour are only 35 i think.
Lots of water too

I also feel like Im eating the same thing day in day out , I use an old weight watchers recipe book which has some nice stuff in.
I made a low fat banana bread the other week which was really good,will try to find recipe if youre interested.


alison222 Wed 06-Jul-11 22:54:11

Just had mussels- moules mariniere without the cream and very little oil with a green salad. Yum.

foreverondiet Wed 06-Jul-11 23:29:53

Either 2 egg omelette and yoghurt
Or Yoghurt, muesli and berries.

Salad with either smoked salmon, tuna, cottage cheese, makeral, sardines other fish etc

Grilled chicken and steamed veggies
Poached salmon and veggies
Pan fried white fish and veggies
Chicken/quorn stir fry and brown rice
Bolognaise sauce made with beef/chicken/quorn mince poured over cauliflower
Sometimes have brown rice with the above meals depending on how hungry I am
Chopped tomatoes, chunks of chicken/turkey/quorn and ratatouille type veggies

Snacks - apples, yoghurt, cottage cheese, slices meat, slivers cheese, 25g nuts.

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