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looking for diet buddies to do jason vale 7 day juice diet

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mousemole Wed 29-Jun-11 13:45:21

So my holiday is in 11 days and I still haven't lost half a stone ! I am going to start the Jason vale juice diet on Sunday for 7 days. I've done it before and lost 7lbs minimum.anyone else got a juicer and like to join me ?

US2LON Wed 29-Jun-11 23:56:06

what exactly is this diet ? I dont have a juicer but can live on fruits n liquids like NAKED juice. However wanna know , when u lost 7lbs, did u regain that weight ,if yes, how soon ?

mousemole Mon 04-Jul-11 18:28:41

Sorry for late reply, its basically a variety of juices, mostly vegetable with the odd bit of Apple or pineapple. I am sure you can buy similar juice if you don't have a juicer. You then have a glass of juice at 7am, 11am, 2pm and can also have half an avocado if you are feeling really hungry. Strangely if you take the juices at the right times you don't get too hungry.

uninspired Wed 06-Jul-11 22:09:41

So basically if I stocked up on smoothies and had one per meal would that be the same principle?

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