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So..i am going to try a low-carb diet and need ideas please.

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idobelieveinfairies Wed 29-Jun-11 13:30:58

I am new to low-carb things and going food shopping at 3. We only have a waitrose and coop here.What yougurt should i buy? Greek?

Is chicken ok, brown bread? or is all bread out??

Come and tell me what low carb things you eat ;)

idobelieveinfairies Wed 29-Jun-11 13:34:43

and an m&s.

defineme Wed 29-Jun-11 13:46:56

I am doing the dukan diet which is low fat and low carb.
Bread is out for me ayt the moment.
I have been living on cottage cheese,eggs, tuna, chicken, under 10% fat burgers, ham, fat free yoghurt -plain as a dip /sauce for savoury (mix with mustard or herbs) or muller ones for pudding. diet drinks and coffee!
After a week of dukan you can move on to alternate days of eating veg-so today I had a yog for breakfast, tuna+egg salad for lunch and plan to have steak and green beans/broccolli for tea.
It's basically keeping you to a low cal diet which is much easier becauseprotein has less cals.
It can wreak havoc with your bowels though so I have a spoon of oatbran in my yoghurt.

I've lost a 10lbs in 3 weeks and am 7lbs off my holiday target!

It is quite severe, but I needed severe because I'd run out of time!

defineme Wed 29-Jun-11 13:48:18

M&S do packs ofcooked chicken or salmon that are reasonable for lunch. My coop has low fat cottage chhees and yogs.

foreverondiet Wed 29-Jun-11 13:54:19

Depends how low carb! Very low carb means no fruit. I do low(ish) carb.

So I do eat fruit (2 pieces a day) but only eat bananas about once a week - and even then prefer to eat bananas with muesli.

Normal day:
breakfast: either 2 egg omelette, natural yoghurt & oatbran
snack: apple
lunch: low fat low carb soup, tuna salad - with fromage frais dressing.
snack 1 (4pm): pear
snack 2: (6pm) big mound cottage cheese & (1) ryvita
dinner: soup, chicken and steamed veggies.

Have tried dukan but missed fruit too much.

foreverondiet Wed 29-Jun-11 14:08:27

Also - I really recommend the following book: Eat Yourself Slim

She sets out a moderate carb diet and lots of other ideas to help on weight loss journey!

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