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How to stop comfort eating??

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extraconfusedhelp Tue 28-Jun-11 23:33:19

I eat when I'm bored, angrey, upset anything really. It is defintly emotional eating. I used to smoke but stop a year ago and I have put on nearly a stone.

I have figured out I used to use smoking as a crutch and now its food.

Has anyone over come issuse like this? And if so how?

I need advice as I am getting way too fat. smile

Firebird20 Wed 29-Jun-11 06:13:23

I don't know the answer to this sorry, but I have the same problem so will watch the thread for some magic answers!! (grin)

Firebird20 Wed 29-Jun-11 06:15:40

don't know what happened to my smiley! trys again grin

ah that's better grin

extraconfusedhelp Wed 29-Jun-11 19:22:31

lets hope someone else has the answers for both of us smile

defineme Wed 29-Jun-11 19:28:24

I am trying replacing automatic/emotional eating with sugarfree gum/drink of water or decaff coffee.
It's really hard-I think I associate carbs with comfort so I'm trying low carbing to break the cycle and lose some weight.

I have a row with dh/shout at kids/get bored/excited and find myself at the fridge, but |I'm now trying to turn to the kettle, get the gum out of my bag or go outside as a last resort!

hiddenhome Wed 29-Jun-11 19:32:47

I've managed to get my comfort eating under control.

I have gone cold turkey, but it can be done smile

I have:

Cut out all biscuits, cakes, chocolates, sweets etc. Nothing with any added sugar in at all. No crisps either.

For breakfast I eat some Morrisons own make muesli (it's oat based). I add a small chopped banana/apple and some pumpkin and sunflower seeds. This fills you up and lasts for hours - most of the time I'm not even hungry by lunchtime after having this breakfast.

Porridge is also good - you can sweeten it with bananas or Agave syrup.

I use skimmed milk only - you do get used to it.

Try to avoid bread and anything wheat based. Rely on oats instead. I eat Nairns Oat Crackers.

Eat a protein and salad based meal for lunch.

For evening meal I just eat whatever the rest of the family is having, but keep the carbs low and we don't eat fried or fatty stuff anyway.

Natural Yoghurt sweetened with Agave syrup and blueberries, apples and raspberries is really nice.

If I'm hungry I just have a drink of skimmed milk and a cereal bar - not an overly sweetened one though.

Try to eat fruit, salad and vegetables. Buy bagged salad leaves if you can't be bothered to prepare your own.

Tinned fish and pulses are good.

You really have to completely change your eating habits, but it can be done. After about three days my cravings stopped and my appetite started to decrease.

I've been doing this for a week now and have lost 2lbs and am much less tired and grouchy.

I treat sugary foods as addictive. They're nice, but there are healthier snacks and treats you can find.


foreverondiet Wed 29-Jun-11 20:40:08

A couple of useful books that might help - eating less by gillian riley and adore yourself slim by lisa jackson...

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