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Post pregnancy plan...

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pugh Mon 27-Jun-11 22:04:05

due in 10 wks with nr2.was 10kg's heavier at this booking than with dd1!used to be very fit but no time with work and one kiddie-never mind two!happy being healthy&pregnant &trying no to be too naughty with eating habits.

ANY advice re getting back to healthy fitness post bubs?

Admittedly I was so miserable with Bf after nr 1 that I actually picked up weight!

Advice appreciated!

foreverondiet Mon 27-Jun-11 22:37:29

My advice - forgot about weight loss and dieting for now. I am generally fit, but by the time DS2 was 6 months old I was pretty much up to full term pregnancy weight of 12 5 (and I am 5 4) - ie I put on a stone after giving birth when breastfeeding.

Now 8 months on, I'm super-fit (just did triathlon) and toned (body fat 20%) and slim (8 stone 10 pounds).

I didn't start until DS2 was 6 months old and when I stopped breastfeeding. There really is no rush!

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