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About 5 weeks til hols - cut the crap lets lose weight!!

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Majorcacaca Sun 26-Jun-11 14:41:53

I am off on hols the last weekend in July and I am buggered if this spare tyre is coming with me! I am too lazy to count calories/faff with how many carbs are in a carrot so for the next 5 weeks my plan is simple:
Food - 3 meals a day (no bread/pasta/potato/rice but otherwise everything within reason, no second helpings!)
Drink - LOTS of water (and less booze!)
Exercise - 30 min DVD every day plus 3 x 50 situps every day (problem area - flabby tummy)
Beautifulness quest - body brush/exfoliate every day

I am going to add to my beautifulness quest each week so this week body brushing (to help banish that cellulite and have lovely soft skin) Next week i'll add something to deal with my scaly old feet etc.

I am pretty sure this plan will enable me to lose around a stone, tone up and have a wonderful holiday without devoting my life to calorie counting and my salary to gym membership. If I was rich/famous I would ship in Tracey Anderson and keep her in the under stairs cupboard for a month...but i;m this is it!

Please do join me on my "method" but only if you reall, really mean it - I am very serious about this <stern glare>

katiewins22 Sun 26-Jun-11 17:02:52

Bizarre ! I read your message and it could have been written by me. I started a thread a week or so ago whining about how I want to lose weight for my hols. I had some positive responses - mainly advising 30 day shred - which I am sure is super but I need to get out to do my exercise.

I then decided - like you - to just cut out snacks, carbs etc. I have done ok last few days and not feeling hungry. I had one small glass wine last night but have been guzzling water. I have also bought some Adios tablets from boots - which a friend had recommended. They are herbal and dont look like they can do any harm. They have dandelion & some other stuff!!

I will join you (if you will have me!). In fact last night I had an hour in the bathroom where I began the battle on dry feet and even applied a heel repair kit and wore socks in bed - feet are looking better today.

I will be getting body brush out today - lets compare notes.

By the way where are you going ? K.

Majorcacaca Sun 26-Jun-11 17:55:54

Majorca grin how about you? Sounds like you are off to a great start - well done on the feet, i inspected mine and fear they may need professional help lol!

Today I have done a 5k walk (with DD), done 2 x 50 sit-ups, mowed the lawn and plan to go for a 5k run and the last set of sit-ups when the kids are bathed - lovely and sunny here so i've caught the sun a bit too which is a boost smile Had early tea of chicken salad with the kids so planning just some mango and an ice cold glass of white wine for later - mmmm.

I had some adios once but not sure if they made much difference hmm was going to get some again but they are a bit £ and i'd rather buy a body brush!!

Jahan Sun 26-Jun-11 21:07:03

I'll join you. I've even got some adios.
I might not be as strict about the no bread/pasta/potato/rice as you but I'll definitely cut it down. I've got a body brush and a ped egg thing neither of which I have used.
I am going to add 20 press ups to the sit ups as my upper arms are very flabby.

I've got a reunion event in August and a wedding in September. I could do with losing a stone to look ok rather than the blob I am at the moment. Ideally, I could do with losing a stone and half.

I don't log on every day so I'll try to report here as often as I can and I will definitely be sticking to it smile

Majorcacaca Mon 27-Jun-11 06:46:09

Went running last night - and went for herb tea instead of wine so am off to a good start! DVD this morn after school drop off and then v v busy today so need to make sure I have food planned so I don't forget to eat then have a biscuit fest!

Welcome Jahan - respect for the 20 push ups, I can't do 5! Must have weakling arms blush

CherryDrops Mon 27-Jun-11 12:40:32

I'll join the pre-holiday blitz!

I'm going away in 7 weeks and need to lose the 10lbs that have crept on over the winter. I've had in my head for the last month or so that I need to lose 1lb a week to get rid of it all before my holiday but haven't really made any real effort to lose it - as if acknowledging it needs to go is enough to make it melt off me!

I've managed to lose 1.5lbs over the last two weeks or so, so I have 8.5 left to lose. As of yesterday I've sorted out my motivation and am cutting back on carbs (no bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, etc.) but not cutting them out completely. I am still eating fruit, pulses and the odd (small) ice lolly as a treat, but will be eating mainly salads, chicken, fish, egg whites, cottage cheese, yogurts and lots of other exciting stuff.

Exercise wise, I'm lazy. I have the 30 Day Shred DVD but make excuses not to do it so I really need to get my act together with that.

So - day 1 yesterday was a success and day 2 going ok so far... bring on the bikini body!

Majorcacaca Mon 27-Jun-11 17:32:19

Hi cherry i'm sure you can do 8.5lbs in 7 weeks noooo problem grin I have done a DVD and plan to go for a 5k run tomorrow afternoon...keeping up with the exercise is the only way i'm going to shift any weight as it helps me focus on eating well but i'm never going to be a "lettuce leaf and water" kind of girl...when I was younger it didn't seem to matter but now, sadly, it does sad i'm just cutting out the obvious carbs and trying to have smaller portions of meat/cheese and more salad/veg.

In an ideal world i'd like to lose about 1.5 stone but i'm realistic that i won't achieve that in 5 weeks...i'm not going to get on the scales too often as i get a bit obsessed and it's not good for me mentally wink

wendihouse22 Mon 27-Jun-11 22:40:49

Oh fuckadoodledo..... Can this be done? I go away on Sat 31 July. I have "holiday clothes" from last year but I look shite in them. I was a 12/14 but have put on a stone.

I have no idea where to start. I love my food but the older I get, my metabolism seems to say "you can eat the same but I'm gonna lay more of it down on your ass".

Majorcacaca Tue 28-Jun-11 06:40:25

I know wendi how cruel is that! I used to live on choc and be a size 8 when I was in my teens, I am now a large size 12 and have a flabby bum/thighs/tum...but by Sat 31st July (my going on hol day too grin) I will be be-oo-ti-ful!! grin I have come to the conclusion that exercise is the only way for me so doing 30mins of jogging or a DVD a day unless it is completely impossible is my goal. Could you consider that? And dropping carbs at least in the evening will def help too. Good luck! Think of that swimsuit moment!! It is worth making the effort now, you'll enjoy your hols so much more! Where are you off to?

wendihouse22 Tue 28-Jun-11 08:28:34

Bit of a cultural jaunt as, minus the kids. Florence 4 days and then train to Venice for 3 . But, will have to get "it" all out at the poolside and beachy bit of Venice. Want to look all Grace Kelly, sipping Prosecco outside the Ufizzi but I'm fooling myself.

That's quite a commitment there Majorcacaca.....exercise every day. For me, it'll grind to a halt on 15th July, when ds (10) breaks up from school.

Bugger. Will have to do my best.

Majorcacaca Tue 28-Jun-11 12:16:26

Oh Florence is my favourite <happy memories> grin

Joby1970 Tue 28-Jun-11 12:47:31

wendihouse22 - why does your exercise have to stop when ds breaks up for school - can you exercise with him? or when he's not there?

can i also say that a few diff abs exercises will be better than just doing situps. as situps only work on one part of your abs smile

Majorcacaca Tue 28-Jun-11 15:42:42

What would you recomend joby? Sit ups where you twist to the side and those things where you lift your bum off the ground (to work transverse muscles?? Davina said it not me!!)

katiewins22 Tue 28-Jun-11 22:52:16

Hi all - sorry haven't posted since joining in - I have been too busy body brushing smile. I have had good couple of days just eating healthily. I havent had to resist too many temptations as I havent been to the shops and we have no biscuits/chocolate in the house. I have been so busy I havent even thought about snacking so that is good.

My recent attempts to lose weight must be working as i Went for a 45min brisk walk this morning and my trousers fell down blush. They didn't fall right down but there was definite slippage - one minute they were in place the next i felt them sliding and they sort of sat on my hips. Two weeks ago I was breathing in to fasten these trousers - so that is result.

I will go for another good walk in morning - hopefully they might fall right down wink. I will be body brushing too and tomorrow night I am going to have another go at my feet - again they are looking better.

We are all heading in the right direction. Good luck. I will post again in next few days. K.

Majorcacaca Wed 29-Jun-11 07:02:29

Maybe time to invest in a belt katie wink great that you're slimmer but mooning passers by might not be the way to show it!!

I went for a 30 min/5k run last night - was fun! Am planning a DVD tonight as DH is out so i need to stay in for the kids. I'm in the zone food wise so doing pretty well...just need to maintain this level of commitment and I will surely achieve my goals grin

I finally got to a shop yesterday and bought a body brush so I will be scrubbing after DVD tonight! And i booked in to have my yukky feet scraped and smoothed next thurs so there's that to look forward to hmm

Am thinking of weighing on friday...i sort of want to track my weight but not sure if it will depress me if i haven't lost much...hmmmm

wendihouse22 Wed 29-Jun-11 08:34:30 tell, about the sit ups. I do 80 every day using one of those fitness ball things. Gym has to stop because no one to have ds who has ASD/OCD/Tourettes and he finds it very hard to leave the house. Guess I could do DVD. Am just making excuses, it CAN be done smile

Majorcacaca Wed 29-Jun-11 09:15:27

My DS has ASD too wendi he's only 6 though. Certainly makes things interesting! grin

CherryDrops Wed 29-Jun-11 09:28:10

Sounds like everyone's doing really well, am v impressed at trouser slippage already!

I've had three good days now, been using my fitness pal to track calories, so making sure I'm not eating too much of the 'right' foods, and have not lost any more weight yet. I'm hoping my body's saving up its weight loss for my official weigh in day on Saturday - need to be under the 10 stone mark by then and currently sitting at 10st 0.5lbs, so frustrating!

Think the hot weather is definitely helping with the food though - I can't be bothered to eat as much when it's hot and tend to fancy salads much more.

wendihouse22 Wed 29-Jun-11 10:02:25

May the exercise God forgive me..... I have bought (this very morning, in Sainsbury's) the Nivea Goodbye Cellulite cream to rub in 2 weeks before I go.

Then I came home and had a brew and two Hobnobs. I have no shame. But, am at the gym at lunchtime, for a sesh.

I am weak.

wendihouse22 Wed 29-Jun-11 10:03:17

Anti cellulite cream down to a £5 from £10 at Sainsbirys.

Majorcacaca Wed 29-Jun-11 22:40:15

i haven't had any dinner... i forgot shock dh is out and i did a davina dvd, had a shower and was just watching the apprentice and ironing with a gin and slim tonic and it occured to me that i haven't had dinner! Not hungry either so think i'll skip it - too late now anyway.

Planning a run tomorrow evening... but it's looking like fri might be a day off exercise as am too busy with various work/kids/visitors.

Majorcacaca Thu 30-Jun-11 14:35:25

katie has the body brushing made a difference for you yet? I bought one yesterday and have done it for two days and i'm sure my skin feels a bit smoother - and it feels lovely to do grin

Just back from my 5k run for todays exercise...still wasn't hungry today but i had a heathy breakfast and lunch anyway because I thought it was sensible. I'm going to weigh in tomorrow morning and i'm really hoping to be 11st or as near as poss (and would be delighted if I was just under!!) Fingers crossed!

Majorcacaca Fri 01-Jul-11 06:14:41

10st12.5 gringringrin that's nearly 6lb off since I last weighed a couple of weeks ago!

This exercise malarky really does the trick!! If I can keep this up I'm hoping to be 10st ish in 4 weeks time when I go on target for next friday morning weigh in 10st10.

MissKittyEliza Fri 01-Jul-11 08:25:10

Well done to you. I'm trying to do the gym 4 x weekly. Am 11 stone.

Majorcacaca Fri 01-Jul-11 12:26:29

Thanks misskitty I did a Davina DVD this morn as something was cancelled and I had time grin very motivated right now!!

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