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slimming if you cant look at scales? (bulimia mentioned)

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Lonnie Sun 26-Jun-11 14:11:06

I need to loose some weight I am a 16 and really I need to be a 12-14 to be comfy (a 12 is to small though i am big boned and tall so i get asked if Im ill the few times I have got down toa 12)

as a teenager I suffered from bullimia and I know one of my trickers .is weighing I get obsessive about it and then it goes downhill fast.

I am interested in joining slimming world asI think food combining is the most doable way for me

However where I am put off is the weighign in and out as I am really concenred that this will tricker me (i am 40 so yes it is 20 years ago but still)

Is it doable to do? or is there a weight loss place that will loosen up on the weighing because of this?

anyone ele whom previously suffered from bullimia have managed to get past it and now wanting to slim down/have slimmed down adn managed?

LolaLadybird Mon 27-Jun-11 19:45:04

I don't know much about slimming world and no personal experience of eating disorders but what about doing Weight Watchers online? That way, you get the benefit of the programme (ie. knowing how much you can eat in a day to lose weight) but you don't have to weigh yourself. It will ask you to put in a starting weight and prompt you to put a weight in each week but you can ignore that. It also has a section for tracking your measurements so you could use that to chart your progress rather than weight.

Joby1970 Tue 28-Jun-11 08:29:52

you could buy the slimming world books of ebay & teach yourself with the help of the people on here. But don't use scales (which are notoriously cr@p) use a tape measure.

That way you can see your body changing rather than getting stuck on the numbers

Lonnie Wed 29-Jun-11 01:26:18

I am as concerned about measuring as I am about weighing it is a obsessive compulsive urge to supress and I suspect my measuring wil be as easy a tricker as the scales once was. I like the idea of speaking with others about the diet hence have shied away from going alone. A friend suggested I speak w my local health club to see if they have someone and I think that may be what to so. Thank you so. Much for your response

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