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Slim sure anyone?????

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LadyGok Thu 23-Jun-11 21:47:45

is anyone on it or has been on it as I have heard good and bad from it. My main question is how much and is it really worth it

cremeeggsbenedict Thu 23-Jun-11 22:18:31

My parents did it and lost a lot of weight (Father lost around 4 stone, mother 2 1/2) but the scientific matching to your blood count thing seemed a bit quack-ish. They just ended up paying £500 each to be told to eat much smaller portions of much cleaner food. They used to be all about carbs, particularly bread, and snack on cake etc, now they eat lots of veg with protein and a small portion of carbs at most meals and snack on fruit or veg. So no, I don't think it's worth it as they surely knew what they had to do before they started, but it did work and the "counsellor" approach with individual weigh ins, rather than going to WW or similar seemed to suit them.

At the same time DH and I lost over 3 stone each by eating less and moving more without spending any money - but we were disciplined enough to do it ourselves (have packed one stone back on, now just over 10stone and want to get back below 9 1/2 and will lose it the same way, and stay disciplined afterwards).

LadyGok Fri 24-Jun-11 00:11:18

Thanks for that I won't be doing it not at that price and I did wonder about the blood testing too.

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