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Low GI diet, is it any good? Tips please...

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extraconfusedhelp Wed 22-Jun-11 20:25:24

HI Everyone,

I'm thinking about trying low GI diet, just wanted to know how successful this has been for everyone else?

Alos I get that some foods are low GI and some are not, but are you also calorie counting at the same time? If not what guide lines are you following?

And what is the best book to read for low GI?

I have PCOS so it can be very difficult to loose weight. And I have been told this diet is really good for people with PCOS to loose weight.

I need to loose around 10lbs.

What is the average weight lost per week on this diet and is it difficult to stick to.

Sorry for sooooo many questions but would like to get as much advice as possible. smile

foreverondiet Wed 22-Jun-11 20:58:21

The best book/s for PCOS and low GI without a doubt are the ones by Colette Harris. They are all similar so buy most recent - I have the PCOS diet book, but she has written more since then.

The reason why a specific PCOS book is important is because a low GI diet would allow aspartame but she explains in the book that is not ideal.

If you want to loose weight, yes would have to do in conjunction with calorie counting - without the calorie counting no way to know how much you'll loose a week - as many low GI foods can be very calorific, but yes a low GI diet should make it easier for someone with PCOS to loose weight and to get in control of symptoms.

Please feel free to ask more questions smile

extraconfusedhelp Thu 23-Jun-11 20:29:04

Thank you for your reply. I will try to find one of those books online.

Had you found the PCOS diet book easy to follow and maintain? And how quickly did you loose weight on it?

Also I have terrible mood swings and I think its related to the PCOS, has the diet helped with that? smile

I'm very new to having PCOS and have no clue what will and wont help me as the doctors really dont care...

foreverondiet Thu 23-Jun-11 20:35:42

TBH I only really followed the PCOS diet when I have been TTC.... weight loss depends on calorie counting. To follow strictly is quite hard, but if you are not TTC then following 80% would be ok so it would be manageable.

extraconfusedhelp Sat 25-Jun-11 10:35:49

I'm not TTC, I just want to deal with my mood swings and really want to loose some weight. smile

ppeatfruit Sat 25-Jun-11 11:56:27

Look at the paul mckenna thread we all are loosing weight and eating what we want so you could combine it with the right diet for you.I do and have lost 2 stone, others loose much more weight. No calorie counting or weird diet foods,It re educates yr attitude to food brilliantly.

We are also friendly and supportive smile See you there extra.

fustyarse Sat 25-Jun-11 12:30:40

I went to my doctor last week to ask for advice about losing weight,and he immediately said I should be on the GI diet, printed out a load of info on it for me and filled me with hope that I actually could do this

I have since researched it more,and got a couple of books out of the library, by Rick Gallop - this one, and this one, and I bought this from Amazon

It seems just really sensible, easy enough to follow, and I've lost around 2lbs so far. Have finaly resigned myself to the fact there are no quick fixes, and Im going to have to do this bit by bit until the weight it off! I'm so sick of trying to zero/low carb, which I had been tryng (and failing) to do; can't maintain that lifestyle. I know it works for plenty of folk, but it's not for me.

Other advice the doctor said: have a decent breakfast, a nice lunch, and a smallish dinner....and no snacking. He said if I'm feeling tired to do a burst of cardio, like jumping jacks, as this will stave off hunger pangs (something to do with blood sugar levels I think), drink more water...the usual stuff really. Left me feeling very positive though. And I'm with what foreveronadiet said - if you can follow this 80% of the time, the weight is bound to come off. I don't have PCOS so can't comment on that.

I am not calorie counting, btw - just trying to eat really well, and not eating to the point that I have to undo my top jeans button any more...blush
Good luck - I'll join you if you want to start a support thread.....!

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