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Ok I have tipped over from curvy to fat .

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travellingwilbury Tue 21-Jun-11 07:04:35

I can no longer kid myself that I am just curvy and happy about it .

I am happy at a small size 14 and I am now a large size 16 .

Does anybody want to join me in some mutual arse kicking to keep on track ?

My plan is to just eat less and move more .

I have tried low carbing in the past and it did work but I just couldn't keep it up for long .

I have also done ww before which did work longer term but I can't get to my local meetings anymore .

Please feel free to join in and tell me to stop eating rubbish and being a lazy sod .

MumPotNoodle Tue 21-Jun-11 07:39:32

stop eating rubbish and being a lazy sod grin.

Keep falling off the wagon is another day grin.

whyme2 Tue 21-Jun-11 07:49:49

Have just given my self a kick up the backside too. Have gone from a lovely size 16 to wobbly size 20. Nothing fits <wails> even the size 20 jeans I bought blush fit but don't fit IYSWIM?

I am doing a combination of slim fast/healthy eating (is there such a thing?) And try and do some exercise every day. Also alas no alcohol.

Good luck smile

MumPotNoodle Tue 21-Jun-11 08:14:51

Grog and hating exercise are my downfall sad grin.

travellingwilbury Tue 21-Jun-11 08:16:56

Thank you Potnoodle grin

Feel free to pop back on a regular basis and be rude to me .

whyme No alcohol ? Not sure I can manage that . I am aiming to have vodka and diet mixers instead of beer and wine . That has got to make a bit of a difference hasn't it ?

We have got a wii fit so I am going to give that a go every day , for at least half hour .

I really want to lose at least a stone by the end of July . I am visiting my mum , and I will cry if I am bigger than her blush

CybilsLiberty Tue 21-Jun-11 08:21:51

whyme slim fast DOES NOT WORK

Well it works for a bit then it will all come back

It took you a while to get that big, it will take a while to lose it too.

MumPotNoodle Tue 21-Jun-11 08:21:55

works both ways grin.

Naetha Tue 21-Jun-11 08:27:18

Do you have to have the alcohol? Can you not exchange out for a diet soft drink when at home?

Alcohol really is just empty calories - even a vodka and diet coke has 175 calories - more than a cadbury's flake bar.

I'd also really recommend measuring your portions - I always thought I had a healthy breakfast of bran flakes or porridge with skimmed milk, turned out what I thought was a normal portion was a triple portion, and meant I was having over 500 calories for breakfast alone.

Once you find yourself getting into better habits, and your body adjusts to getting less food, you will find it gets much easier smile

zlaya Tue 21-Jun-11 08:37:54

To loose a stone in three to four weeks, the only regime that in fact works is eating once a day, usually, saying that your only reasonable meal should not be later then 7p.m, lots of water, no alcohol, if you must white wine, soda spritzer, gin&slimline tonic of course within a reason. Snacks are; rice cakes, apples, pears, slice of ryvita. Not a easy diet, but it works a charm, good for you body you in fact cleanse at the same time, but you start seeing the results very fast, once you get used to feeling empty(four to five days) it's a breeze after that, you in fact don't want to eat and feel much better and lighter with an empty belly.

fearnelinen Tue 21-Jun-11 08:38:56

I'm in. I used to be so down on myself at a small 14, but now (after quitting the fags) I am a big 16. In my skin I feel fine, even the mirror doesn't look too bad, but pictures and videos of myself are awful. I just don't recognise myself, my face is all piggy.

I think I must pull it all in subconsiously when I look in the mirror. There is a video of me at DDs party at the weekend and I'm standing next to someone I consider to be really big, but there's no difference between us. I was shocked.

The thing is, I am fit. I can shred with ease, knock out 5k within 40 minutes (OK, that's been better, but I know I can get to 30 minutes within a few weeks) and I love to excercise. I just cannot stay away from the biscuits sad


fearnelinen Tue 21-Jun-11 08:45:27

zlaya your 'cleanse' advice is absolute nonsense - and dangerous too. Those kind of rules only work on those that have to have strict boundaries applied to their eating to feel in control because without those boundaries they lose control.
It works if there is a psycholigical issue around eating in place. However, eating in that abnormal pattern (once a day) WILL leave you light headed, confused and unable to function at 100% (although you won't believe it at the time). There is plenty of scientific evidence that also shows your body will cling onto calories as fat, in preparation for a famine. You will also regain all the weight as it is an unsustainable diet.
That advice was substantially dis-proven in the 70's when it was popular. It is greatly outdated.

CybilsLiberty Tue 21-Jun-11 08:46:40

dont agree with zlayer at all. Your body would go into starvation mode. And whilst weight loss at the beginning woudl be extreme, it is NOT a sustainable way of living, and weighjt would come back as soon as anything resembling normal eating resumed.

If you want to stay slimmish for the rest of your life, and most of us do, these diets do not work.

You have to realise you just cant eat the same way anymore and it is a life long change

tibni Tue 21-Jun-11 08:53:06

Can I tag along please? I got on the scales at the gym yesterday and my weight has crept back up! Last year I was really trim and fit, even running everyday on my holidays and enjoying it (well it got me away from the dc for an hour smile).

I started a new job alongside the 2 casual positions I already have and some weeks have been mad busy. Doesn't help that I do not get home until 8pm at the earliest on my contracted nights so I have been eating my meal late and picking at crap at work. Prior to the new job I was working out at least 5 times a week and this had dropped to only 1-2.

Well the rest of this month and next are not so busy and as I threw all my old clothes away a couple of years back I have to sort this. I am going to the gym again this morning and will try and stop over eating. Looking to lose about a stone so my smaller new clothes fit again. I am aiming to pick up the exercise levels again but for me I think reducing my food intake is the harder but more needed change.

Semolina2 Tue 21-Jun-11 08:58:14

I found that eating an enormous breakfast works for me. Don't want lunch (or anything frankly) until 2pm or later that way. Best thing though is try to only eat when you're hungry. It's hard to do as it's not always practical when you have other people to consider, but I find it really helps.

zlaya Tue 21-Jun-11 09:03:31

Fearnelinen, I tried them all for me they don't work, slim-fast in combo with low calorie it doesn't work, on any regime you stand a good chance once you are of it to put it all back on, I admit this a very faddy diet, but for me it works, I lost almost three stones since february and I am keeping it off and to be honest I am not so interested in scientific bit to say at least, I feel great and look good, my skin cleared and my hair is not grease any more, for me it works and now my body is used to it, again it may not be for everybody, I was only thinking of share it with all of you. Diet is called "once a day", but in fact you do snack within a reason, you allowed alcoholic drink, albeit low calorie one, it takes about a week for the body to get used to it, but once it does away you go. Food that I have is every night at table with my family at around six o'clock and I eat what they eat, it means I do not eat different food from them, I do cook everything from scratch, but then I have always done that anyway.

BonzoDooDah Tue 21-Jun-11 09:04:15

I too disagree with zlayer. That's just not the way to go. Hunger is NOT a good diet, not is starvation - your body needs to think everything is normal and it has enough food. In fact you need to eat MORE but low cal stuff.

I have joined Slimming world and lost 12lb in 5 weeks which I am really happy with and has been easy to follow.

Basics are: Eat 1/3 of each meal (minimum) as vegetables and fresh fruit (not dried fruit). Eat home cooked meals - meat with all visible fat trimmed off, potatoes, rice, grains, pulses (so jacket potato and baked beans are great). Fat free yoghurts, cottage cheese, quark etc are ok too. All these as much as you like.

You should have about a half pint of SS milk each day and a portion of fibre/carb (slice of WM Bread or portion of wholegrain cereal).

What you have to restrict is fat (measure a small portion if you must cook in it), cheese, bread and sugar. In SW you actually get so many "points" worth of extras But it probably works out at about 300 calories for the extras.

It has worked for me - and I am notoriously crap at sticking to diets. I've not been hungry and actually enjoyed seeing the weight drop off.

Good Luck!!

zlaya Tue 21-Jun-11 09:23:06

We can all agree to disagree, not for everybody by no definition, but for me it worked, bonzodoodah, I am not starving, it was tough as at the beginning, but then that is true for any diet, you are hungry, all you can think of is food like on any diet these symptoms subside with time. I eat all food groups, not excluding anything, tonight is: fish pie, green salad and new potatoes, my plate will be smaller one, but not by muchgrin. I had white coffee so far banana and slice of water melon, from now on till about six it will couple of rice cakes with cottage cheese, it is not that strict, I will have gallons of water with all of that. Seriously this diet also works very well, if you eat out often, you can actually order a meal eat it and not feel guilty knowing this is you only meal of the day, you have not eaten tons of food during that day, lastly in my eyes this is hundred times better in the terms of how I am feeling in my body and in my mind comparing to the last January at my heaviest.

whyme2 Tue 21-Jun-11 09:34:06

travelling the no alcohol is only for the next 5 weeks ( 'til holidays).

Cybil - the slimfast is not a long term thing for me. It is only to get me started this week and I am using it as a breakfast replacement. I found that I was eating a large breakfast and then having lunch at lunchtime anyway. This way I know what I've eaten (in calories) for breakfast and I plan a healthy lunch and eat with my dc's at lunchtime.
The thing is breakfast cereal does not do anything for me except make me REALLY hungry so I end up scoffing all morning and eat badly all day.

I use the food focus website to log everything and try to stick to their calorie recommendations.

zlaya Tue 21-Jun-11 09:46:24

Cybil, fully agree with you on breakfast front, I had same problem, cereals don't work for me and I found that large breakfast would also mean large lunch as well, before I knew weight just crept on, mind you with me it was serious to the point that the weight started to affect my health(high cholesterol, blood pressure borderline, generally feeling very sluggish) all from the wrong food and large amount of food. On my last blood work at surgery everything is back to normal, my cholesterol is low, by blood pressure is lower, in general much healthier.

FoundWanting Tue 21-Jun-11 09:48:01

I'd like to join you, OP. 5 weeks until the holidays and I don't want to feel self-concious on the beach.

I must start making better choices (she says, chasing croissant crumbs round the plate blush).

I've gone from a small size 12 to a comfortable 14 since Christmas. And from an hourglass to an apple. Although that may have more to do with age and how you carry weight differently.

BonzoDooDah Tue 21-Jun-11 09:49:58

zlaya I'm glad it works for you ... but I still disagree ... not every diet has you starving. I have not felt deprived, not been hungry (if I have felt hungry I have eaten something) and I have lost a steady 2-2.5 lb per week.

The regime you are suggesting is not a normal eating plan - and as soon as you stop "dieting" you will go back to 3 meals a day - with the increase in food and weigh = yoyo.

BonzoDooDah Tue 21-Jun-11 09:50:09


foreverondiet Tue 21-Jun-11 09:51:15

zlaya I don't agree that eating once a day is the only way to loose a stone in a month! It might have worked for you but for many it will lead to a slow down in metabolism.

I lost stone in the first month on my diet eating 3 meals and 2 snacks a day - and that was with some "treats".

Admitedly to loose a stone in 3 weeks eating 3 meals a day I think you do need to be quite ruthless in cutting out sugar & refined carbs totally and limiting unrefined carbs, including limiting fruit, to lower sugar fruit and only one piece a day.

But totally doable eating stacks of veggies, low fat protein - eggs, chicken, poultry, beef, fish, dairy, tofu, quorn and small portions of unrefined carbs eg pulses, jumbo oats & oatbran.

zlaya Tue 21-Jun-11 09:56:01

Bonzodoodoh, so far so good, still loosing, there is no guaranty with any diet, once you stop following it, you won't put some weight on, but I will take my chances with this one, obviously it agrees with me, unlike anything I tried before.

zlaya Tue 21-Jun-11 10:06:34

Foreverondiet, again I do not eat once a day, my main meal is one a day and I also do not exclude everything from my eating plan, of course in moderation you can have majority of things. Today is my day off, I work full time and I find it easer to prepare same food for everybody, balanced for children, but also for me and Dh, it is cooked and it's fresh. I am not a beliver in excluding certain foods from diet, but rather beliver in reducing what you are already eating.

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