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So I've joined a gym

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Choufleur Fri 17-Jun-11 19:20:01

Went to the gym and swimming last week and to a class on tuesday and 1:1 training session today.

feel quite pleased with myself but my god I ache.

itstheclimb39 Fri 17-Jun-11 20:52:07

Good for you! I also joined our local one last Monday but have had so much work on since have only used it twice. Am looking forward to going tomorrow!

chirpchirp Sun 19-Jun-11 20:42:41

Well done Choufleur. Although it's sore - it's that good kind of sore!

BettySwollocksandaCrustyRack Thu 23-Jun-11 16:34:56

Find out if they do a spinning session....or pole fitness...both addictive, both bloody fantastic!!! I have spun my way down by 2 stone since new year!

Well done for joining, make sure you take full advantage of your membership smile

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