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Dukan - support thread for those on Attack Phase...anyone?

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goingtogodukan Thu 16-Jun-11 16:46:15

I am all geared up to start on this tomorrow. Lost 10lbs with weightwatchers over last 6 weeks but at a plateau so going Dukan!

Filled the fridge with all the right stuff, plan for tomorrow is:

Brek: 2xeggs, ham and cot cheese
Snack: Cot cheese & tuna and vanilla fat free yog
Lunch: oat pancake thingy, smoked salmon, chicken, cot cheese (?!?!?)
snack: yog
Dinner: prawns, turkey breast wrapped in ham and going to try and make dukan mayo to go with it

plus.... all the water of course!

Planning to do attack for 3 days....

Boo81 Thu 16-Jun-11 19:25:02

Hello! I'll join you for the next day at least. I'm on day 4 of Attack and am going to do one more day.

Its great that you're all prepared for tomorrow. Do you really like cottage cheese? If you're not already obsessed with it then just based on my own experience I wouldn't eat it 3 times a day! I'm trying to only eat it once a day now cause otherwise I'd get completely sick of it!

What I've had a couple of times instead is one of those laughing cow extra light triangles. I know soft cheese isn't strictly allowed but they are very low fat so hopefully ok.

goingtogodukan Thu 16-Jun-11 20:11:12

Hi Boo! Glad to have some company on it! I haven't eaten cottage cheese for ages and am really looking forward to it... odd!! Wow, doing 5 days of attack you have done really well. I am worrying about managing 3!! My worst thing about it all is that I cannot have a glass of wine for a very long time sad don't know if i will manage that!

Boo81 Thu 16-Jun-11 21:58:33

I'm really craving a glass of wine right now!

I've got a night out planned tomorrow night. With a small baby I don't get out much so I'm not willing to sit there sipping water all night. Am thinking vodka and diet coke might do the least damage!

zingzillachinchilla Fri 17-Jun-11 09:17:21

Well done guys! I'm on Attack phase right now too. Day 4. Luckily I like cottage cheese - it's the yoghurts I'm starting to get sick of! The galettes are surprisingly tasty - I tried making one last night to see what they are like and it was edible...!

Has anyone else had the weird sensation of being in a relatively hot bath and finding that you sweat lots (sorry, possibly TMI!) - almost like being in a steam room? I think there must be some sort of metabolic reaction which is boosted by the heat of the bath. That might explain why we're not supposed to swim strenuously while in the Attack phase. Anyone else found this, or is it just me...?

goingtogodukan Fri 17-Jun-11 14:21:38

Day 1 going really well so far smile smile Just had half my galette thingy - agree it was really nice with smoked salmon on top - yum! Don't feel at all hungry which is a good thing as I sometimes did on weightwatchers. Have just read on another site that somebody who went from weightwatchers to dukan actually put on weight shock sad hopefully that will not be the case for me when I weigh in tomorrow.

Went to Asda earlier - they have good deal on 3 largeish packs smoked salmon for £10 - compared to Sainsburys this is v.v good!

Not had a bath so couldn't say on that one... but i have had a shower so not smelly grin

Boo81 Fri 17-Jun-11 15:20:42

No baths here either! Although I am about to shower cause i've just finished the shred dvd and am sweating buckets!

Day 5 for me. weighed myself this morn and I'm 4lbs down from Monday. Really hope I continue to lose when I switch to cruise tomorrow.

This is without doubt the only diet where i havent felt hungry. I love it!

goingtogodukan Fri 17-Jun-11 18:41:35

4lbs - thats fab! Gotta say I am finding it a bit tougher this evening and am only on day 1! I think your idea of vodka and diet coke sounds good - might have to treat myself to that next weekend if I manage to stay on this for that long. Going to weigh in tomorrow morning so hopefully will have lost some and that will inspire me

My DS enjoys continually asking me "are you allowed crisps mummy" "are you allowed sweets" etc etc..... getting a bit wearing to be constantly reminded of what I can't have!!

goingtogodukan Sat 18-Jun-11 08:27:55

Well after 1 day lost 1lb - was hoping for more but suppose this is more than I lose in a week sometimes so can't complain!

Boo81 Sat 18-Jun-11 09:35:03

Good start goingtododukan! How are you feeling today?

Well I stuck with my vodka and diet coke plan last night. So glad I didn't cave in to the evil wine!!

I did cheat a little when I came home though. I polished off the remains of DP's dinner - chicken laksa soup blush. There was no chicken left so just a few noodles and veggies!

But thankfully there was no change on the scales this morning, so after 5 days of Attack I have officially lost 4lbs. Am happy with that as a start. I'm back on veggies today and really looking forward to them!

goingtogodukan Sat 18-Jun-11 12:15:17

I was feeling full of life this morning but feeling a bit hungry now and not fancying protein!

Must be good to start eating veggies too - how much have you got to lose on cruise? I am looking forward to cruise on monday - got the dukan diet book from library some good recipes in there

Wanders off to look at fridge full of cottage cheese....... hmm

Boo81 Sat 18-Jun-11 21:00:05

Did you find something tasty to eat today?

Day 1 of Cruise has been scrumptious! I cheated a bit with lunch and had some higher fat meats but only a small amount so hopefully that won't affect my loss too much. Dinner was amazing! I've written a full account of it on the main Dukan thread. A mushroom has never tasted so good to me!!

goingtogodukan Sun 19-Jun-11 09:09:16

Went for yoghurts in the end.... really getting into those! lost another 1lb so very pleased with that - going to do attack today but taking ds to cinema and thinking of cheating with a little packet of sweets! Just brought some sweets online from low carb website so at least next time will have them. Can't wait to start cruise will have a look at main thread now!

Boo81 Sun 19-Jun-11 09:27:56


I seem to have put on 2lbs today. WTF?

Maybe cheating with higher fat meats yesterday wasn't such a good idea after all.

TooImmature2BMum Sun 19-Jun-11 16:53:16

Can I join? I am starting Attack tomorrow - have fridge full of fish and low-fat fromage frais! Only noticed after buying it that DH had selected 90% fat-free fromage frais instead of 0% - will that do? We bought 4 big tubs of it. Couldn't find oat bran in Tesco - is it the same as porridge oats? Where did you get it?

goingtogodukan Sun 19-Jun-11 20:13:44

Boo - aw must be annoying, but only 2lbs, sure it'll come straight off again sad
can't see how fattier meats could immediately put on 2lbs... perhaps as they are salty meats they hold more water?

I ate 4 wine gums at cinema today (the self control to not gobble the whole packet is unbelieveable!). Had a diet coke too which was nice as i never drink stuff like that normally.

Hi TooIm - yes please join us! My fromage fraise is 90% also - couldn't find any labelled fat free and it has been working for me. I did get the oat bran from tesco - i did a tesco home delivery so if you search it on tesco website it will definately come up.. you could then see if your local store has it? You do need to have the oatbran alongside the protein. How many days are you doing attack for?

I've got to say I am actually feeling really well, definately have more energy and not so tired in the evening.. I have done 3 days attack and think might do tomorrow too and then cruise on tues!!! Got some veggies in ready!

Boo81 Sun 19-Jun-11 21:32:38

Well its that time of the month for me so maybe I can blame my weight gain on that!

We had friends over for lunch today so decided to have 2 PV days in a row rather than having an unsocial protein only day! So am going to do 2 protein only days in a row tomorrow and tuesday.

My friend brought around some incredible chocolate brownies and I must confess that I caved in and had a small bite - bad bad Boo sad
So have upped my fluid intake and am going to exercise a little bit more tomorrow. I think thats what the book recommends following a slip up.

tooImmature - welcome! If you've already bought 4 tubs of 90% fat free ff then I'd use it and then try to get some 0% later in the week. Oat bran isn't the same as porridge oats. Its very fine, almost grain like. I found some in Holland & Barrett.

goingto - glad you're feeling good. My DP has started cutting carbs out now too and he was just commenting today about how much better he is feeling, less bloated, etc.

goingtogodukan Mon 20-Jun-11 07:15:05

Morning all, I have put on .2 of a kilo... which is i suppose half a pound.. is that what a few sweets does?!?! shock But TOTM for me too so hopefully just to do with that. Gotto say feeling knackered and don't want to go to work today...

I'm obviously on the wrong fromage frais then - where do you get the 0% from?

TooIm - how is your first day going - for me I think it was probably the hardest as I was waiting to miss carbs... but actually didn't! So get through today and you are well on your way!! smile

zingzillachinchilla Mon 20-Jun-11 15:33:29

Defintely watch out for hormonal changes in weight disrupting proceedings - that's one of the pitfalls of daily weigh-ins. Am on day 6 of Attack now and have lost 7 pounds, so I'm really pleased with that.

Finding the easiest way to do it is to fill the fridge with suitable foods, although it's really hard when DH and DD are eating 'normally'.

Am switching to Cruise tomorrow but going to try to keep my protein intake as high as possible to keep things going.

Must dash - got some M&S King prawns with lemon and pepper to munch my way through! Good luck everyone and keep motivated!

goingtogodukan Mon 20-Jun-11 17:16:56

Zing - fab weightloss!

Think going to keep today as protein only and start cruise tomorrow - wow thats four days, I am very pleased with myself... although i did have one chunk from DS's chocolate bar earlier... ooops!

TooImmature2BMum Mon 20-Jun-11 17:50:47

Am aiming to do 5 days Attack - today is Day 1! I am starving, but then I am always starving when I come home from work, so it is no different. I made some Dukan mayonnaise and prawns but they haven't even touched the sides, so I am waiting for DH to get off his arse and cook steak and pepper sauce. He's doing it too, as we are going to a wedding at the end of July and neither of us fit into our chosen outfits. I have put on 3 lbs since the morning according to the scales, but am ignoring that. It must be water weight - have been drinking like a fish. Besides, aren't you always supposed to pick one time of day and weigh yourself then? Mine is usually first thing before I've eaten anything.

I asked in Tesco for the oat bran and they said they were 'trying' to get it in - don't know what that means! Might have to make special trip to Holland and Barrett for some, or find a bigger more cosmospolitan Tesco.

goingtogodukan Tue 21-Jun-11 17:52:49

TooIm - don't let yourself get starving. If i feel peckish between meals I have a couple of slices of wafer thin ham or turkey ham with cottage cheese in them rolled up - yum! I can't believe I am on day 5 and finding it absolutely fine - I really like to eat alot but with this diet don't feel hungry which is great.

Yep I weigh first thing in the morning - was .1 of a kilo lighter today so hope when TOTM over will drop a bit more!!

My BMI is now 24 so i think it will be harder to lose the last few (well 10!!!) pounds that i want to lose. sad

Gotta say though all my clothes are feeling so comfy now and some trousers i have to keep pulling up... before i was squashing myself into things - yuk!!

Hope you have a good weigh in tomorrow

Boo - hows things with you?

Boo81 Tue 21-Jun-11 22:01:59

Uch. I'm getting a bit disheartened as the weight that I put on at the weekend has not gone away. So technically I have only lost 2lbs after 9 days of bloody hard work.

But am persevering with it nonetheless hoping that it will pay off somewhere down the line.

I have just devoured 2 boiled eggs and some chicken and am still ravenous. Could probably eat a whole chicken!

Boo81 Wed 22-Jun-11 08:17:04

TooImm - steak in pepper sauce sounds delicious. How did it turn out?

I'm getting a bit tired of chicken now so have ordered the dukan recipe book in the hope that it'll have some new inspiring recipes.

Has anyone tried the cafe/vanilla/choco creme recipe from the original book? I tried the custard and it was vile so am sceptical about the creme. I really fancy a sweet treats thats not yoghurt for a change!!!

Just weighed myself and the 2lbs hormonal weight gain has disappeared plus another 2lbs on top of that! I started out at 13st 3lbs last Monday and am 12st 11lbs today. So a total of 6lbs so far. Am very happy with that and chuffed that I didn't cave in when the scales refused to budge.

Its a PV day for me today. Woo hoo! Not sure what I will have for breakfast but am going to treat myself to a extra lean mince homemade burger for lunch, with lettuce and a portobello mushroom instead of bread. mmmmmmmm!

TooImmature2BMum Wed 22-Jun-11 09:40:48

The yoghurt curdled! In fact, both dinners so far haven't worked properly - fat free yoghurt or fromage frais seems to curdle very quickly. We had chicken in tandoori sauce, sort of, but DH added water to it and it curdled again. Not sure what to do about it - maybe give up on hot sauces. I think it would have been okay if we'd just kept it cool.

I'm a bit worried about the number of eggs we are consuming. Between the two of us we have eaten 10 eggs in 2 days - albeit one was in the Dukan mayonnaise, which we didn't really eat as it was vile. Far too much Dijon mustard <boak>

I have lost another pound - 3 so far, in 2 days! Also, I went through the stone barrier - 10 stone 13 now! Only another 13 lbs to go before I am back at pre-pregnancy weight. Then another 7 to be at my goal weight. DH lost 2 lbs the first day but nothing yesterday, but he wasn't drinking enough water, I think. Diet Coke clearly won't do.

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