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Diet buddy wanted - using My Fitness Plan, low(ish) carb and low fat - want to join me?

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theothermrsclooney Sun 12-Jun-11 21:20:40

I set myself a goal of losing my final 1 stone 5 weeks ago. I wieghed 13st 5lbs and want to get down to 12st 5lbs (nearly 6ft tall). I followed IPD for 10 days but stopped because of headaches and introduced some carbs and have used my fitness pal to track my progress. On Friday last week, I was 12st 9lb - my lowest weight in 6 years since before DC1 wa born - Yippee!

But then...DC1's birthday and birthday party. I have eaten sweets, cake and goodness knows what this weekend and think I have put 3lbs back on, yikes!

I know I haven't got too much to lose now but this last half a stone is HARD. I am good during the week and then seem to hit a self distruct point over the weekend. This weekend has been particuarly bad but I have had similiar weekends.

I'm suggesting a thread where post our food intake daily, have a weekly weigh and offer each other support to keep each other on track if you are interested?

ZZMum Wed 15-Jun-11 13:13:18

hey you still looking for a buddy! I need one but have a lot further to go that you but think working with someone to get the first of 5 half stones would be a great help!

I am about to start MFP again and am lower cardbing - and lots of exercise.. and like you am OK untol weekend.... need help!

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