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vibration plate - any experience?

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RueLaChesty Sat 11-Jun-11 19:16:53

hi, i've just hired a vibration plate for 8 weeks and was wondering what people thought about these? Any experiences? I'm interested on the results, exercise used on the machine, additional exercise outwith the machine and diet followed?

I have my wedding dress measurments in 4 weeks and a holiday in 8 weeks and i've been guaranteed to drop a dress size. I am a big 16 just now and want to be a comfortable 14 for the holiday. Ideally i'd like to be a 12 but i think that might be pushing it.

So has anyone used one before?

melliebobs Sat 11-Jun-11 20:53:07

they are ok as a resistance workout but you need to do this along side cardiovascular work (cycling/running/x-trainer/swimming/walking/rowing/trampolining) to get the best resutls

RueLaChesty Sat 11-Jun-11 20:57:52

This was my worry.

DP works long hours and on his days off I work so i'm either at work or have 2 kids under 3 round my ankle.

DD1 is told old now to sit in a buggy for long periods of time so when we go walking she walks a snails pace.

I do have a hula hoop and we do go swimming once a week with the dcs.

I liked this as it was 10 mins that i could do when DCs in bed, should really invest in a good cardio dvd then?

Nickoka Sat 11-Jun-11 20:58:45

I have used one for a couple of years. At the place I go they recommend doing a burst of aerobic exercise (30 secs), two sets of 30 secs of one of the exercises, rest for 30 secs, then back to a burst of aerobic exercise (skipping, stepping, jumping jacks).

Start doing about 20 mins every other day and work up to 30 mins every other day. Try to do some walking too every day.

Good luck with it all!

RueLaChesty Sun 12-Jun-11 08:17:48

thanks, i need to do all my exercise in the house so don't have much room but i never thought of jumping jacks. I also have a 15 min tae bo dvd.

We do lots of walking but not at a pace that would break a sweat, DD1 is only 2.8yo so doesn't walk very fast! I work 3 days a week (then run my own business at night) so time is tight, but i'll make a vow to go walking on my lunch break from now on. This bloody scottish weather doesn't help!

just getting ready now to go for a walk as the sun is shining so better make the most of it!

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