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skippy84 Tue 07-Jun-11 11:45:05

Hi All, thought it might be interesting seeing as so many of us are doing different plans on here to compare stats.

I'll start: I'm doing WW pro-points with walking and zumba for exercise. I have been doing it for 7 weeks and have lost 23lbs. Start weight 14.6 and height is 5ft 7

foreverondiet Tue 07-Jun-11 12:07:42

I don't think you can compare and say one is better than another, for various reasons -

a) compliance, some are better at sticking / not cheating that others, also some eat exercise / weekly points some don't, some choose heathy snacks others just worry about the calorie/point content even on same "plan".
b) weight loss will depend on what you have to loose - ie loosing 23lb with a start weight of 14.6 will be quicker than loosing 23lbs with a start weight of 11.4 or 10.4. Or loosing 23lbs with a WW start weight of 14.6 but 2 stone lost on something else immediately previously (loose more quickly at start of diet) will be slower as well.
c) Different people have different time/money/opnions etc at their disposal in respect of exercise.
d) some people have medical conditions eg pcos / candida which make loosing weight harder no matter what plan.

That all being said 23lb in 7 weeks is very impressive, well done.

skippy84 Tue 07-Jun-11 12:51:12

I agree with your points but honeslty I wasn't looking for valid statistics just a straw poll out of curiosity.

Re. your first point I think compliance is part of the sucess of a plan i.e. how likely are you to stick with a plan like WW v's the Dukan v's Atkins etc. I think an important part of an eating plan is how maintainable it is in the long term and how well it fits into your life.

Re. your second point I agree that start weight is very important which is why I included mine.

Thirdly I agree that people use different methods and have different opinions which is why I thought a comparison between these methods would be interesting

Finally I am aware that there are (admittledly very few) medical conditions that can interfere with weight loss but as I said I'm not interested in publishing a research paper, just curious.

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