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feeling quite good...lost a stone in a month..

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JandLandG Mon 06-Jun-11 21:18:59

never been on this part of the site before, but wanted to share...i was probably inspired by that ridiculous baby food diet thing i heard about on the radio recently...blimey!

firstly, i'm a boy, not a girl, but i don't think it makes much difference on the diet front, but anyway, a couple of friends of mine had inspired /spurred me on with recent successes in their lives and so - after a couple of buttons went on my shorts within the space of a week! - i decided that i needed to lose a bit. i knew i had for ages but was just a bit rubbish.

anyway, i've managed to do this reasonably trouble free. stopped eating carbs as much as is practicable - definitely no bread, pots, pasta.

plus i've packed in tea/coffee which i used to drink tons of - with gallons of milk in.

a bit more exercise - bike riding to be exact.

bob's your uncle...i've gone from 15 2 on the 9th may to 14 dead now. (i'm 5 11, so not too bad, but still obese bmi hmm according to the stats). i'm 42.

hoping to lose another stone at least, but i suspect the easy part has been done, so we'll see.

am quietly quite pleased with to wear a shirt tucked in with a little more i did when i was a young man. ha ha.

anyway, just posting to give hope and inspiration really...i've been meaning to lose weight for at least five years, and now that i've made the mental shift, it's really not so bad not eating all the time like i used to!

loads of fruit, veg...and still have a few drinks/curry every now and again too.

hope this encourages anyone who might read.

good luck everyone

vintageteacups Mon 06-Jun-11 21:49:30

Well, you've encouraged me!

I have about 5 weeks to get into a lovely ebay ball gown for a summer ball.

I'm cutting out most carbs, except fibrous carbs and eating cereal and fruit during the day and a proper meal at night.

I'm only on day 1 though so a bit to go.

well done on your great weight loss.

JandLandG Mon 06-Jun-11 22:26:33

hey thanks for that...and good for you.

goes to show you don't need fancy diets or silly regimes...just be sensible and judge your own body.

having said that, i'm sat here now aware that i'm not full up...a few weeks ago i would have just got up and made some toast/breakfast cereal/whatever, but it genuinely feels good to be doing something positive by willpower and just sheer bloody-minded stubbornness...i will not eat unnecessarily!

unless i'm doing something special, like me and the missus are going out to a nice country pub/restaurant on wednesday, so i'll get stuck in then, i can tell you!

i did do an 18 mile hike with friends a couple of weeks ago...not normally my thing, but really enjoyable...we drank and ate like there was no tomorrow at the pub that evening, so it probably cancelled the exercise out, but there you go. ha ha.

i can feel the bit of less weight on my joints as well...knees and ankles feel under less strain, which is good for me because i've weakened them over the years with football/cricket/tennis etc

and it was so encouraging in the early stages to see the scales showing progress even after weeks one and two...that will really spur you on, so go for it...and enjoy the ball!

JandLandG Fri 02-Sep-11 01:35:47

update....have lost 2 stone 6ish since may. the only decent thing i've done for a while to be honest, but it just shows it can be done without too much hassle.

hope it survives heavier, autumn/winter foods coming up!

HowToLookGoodGlaikit Fri 02-Sep-11 06:58:11

Well done!

JandLandG Sun 11-Sep-11 22:48:54


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