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sparkpeople is a brilliant

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hannahg1 Sun 05-Jun-11 09:52:53

i have started using the web site below its great got loads of recipies ,loads of fitness videos etc.. and all for free

BooBooGlass Sun 05-Jun-11 09:55:05

That's an interesting first post Hannah. You wouldn't be advertising that website would you hmm

hannahg1 Sun 05-Jun-11 09:57:10

nooooooooo ive just joined to try to find info on dyslexia and was just just looking through the site, i got it from martin the money mans site a few weeks ago

catinthehat2 Sun 05-Jun-11 10:06:33

booboo - it's not 'advertising' it's 'buzzmarketing' don'tcha know wink
I'm sure nobody from MSE would be seen dead trying to make a bob or two doing something so crass ...

Shaxx Sun 05-Jun-11 10:06:51

It's a free website and I agree, its brilliant.
Especially as it has exercise videos, some only 5mins.

The only drawback is that all the plans have American recipes with some strange and dodgy sounding food smile

hannahg1 Sun 05-Jun-11 10:10:18

i am not advertising for anyone ,i thought i would share a good free link,as i have found it useful, i am just an ordinary mum of 2 children trying to find info on dyslexia ,

missinglalaland Tue 07-Jun-11 16:52:41

I just joined it yesterday. It seems to good to be true. Much better than Weight Watchers online and free! I went ahead and signed up, and so far there are passive advertisements for all kinds of sundry things but no hard sells etc. It seems to be on the up and up. It is based out of America, but you can enter your own foods and recipes so that doesn't matter.

hannahg1 Thu 09-Jun-11 19:43:00

it is a very good site especialy for fitness videos and it does seem to good to be true, but theys no catches to it, I love looking around on it,I felt offeneded when I shared the link and someone said was I advertising, I found the link on the money saving experts web page who is on this morning, and its soooo much better than weight watchers too.

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