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To follow a plan or healthy eating?

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Lynnejh Sat 28-May-11 22:06:34

not sure if right title but would be grateful for some words of wisdom smile

i have done

Weightwatchers & slimming world - o.k did loose but slow results and could'nt get motivated and can't get to classes now

Cambridge - How many times have i done this diet sad lost 4 stome first time round and put the whole back on and have tried numerous times but can't do it
so no more meal replacements for me......
so i thought maybe adkins or dukan but seems confusing which fruit and veg you can and can't eat.

I want something simple(part of the reason why i have done cambridge so many times) and no fancy preperation

preferably no calorie/carb/fat counting or weighing stuff.
I am thinking to just eat loads of fruit & veg and maybe some quorn/white fish/chicken every other day, cutting out bread/pasta/rice

Any plans fit the bill or any suggestions much appreciated.


foreverondiet Sat 28-May-11 22:48:41

South beach diet sounds right up your street. Its a way of eating for life, and is consistent with what you say you want to eat.

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