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mirena coil and weight gain

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bandlady Sat 28-May-11 10:32:23

I put on a stone and a half after I had the mirena fitted 5 years ago and the doctors told me that was impossible and I found it impossible to loose and the doctors said it had nothing to do with the coil and that you could not put that much weight on so quickly and would not entertain that water retention option.

Due to heavy and painful periods (the reason for the coil) I have now had it replaced as the 5 years were up and I made a decision that the issues were outweighed by the benefits for me.

The good thing now is that the doctors cannot argue that the coil does not cause weight gain as I insisted on being weighted on the day the coil was fitted. That was on the 16th of this month as 10 days before I had a gastric band fitted. As I have been on a liquid diet of approx 3 yogurts and a tin of soup for two weeks and then mash approx a bowl for the last 10 days the reason for any weight gain could not have been through my diet.

Whilst I have not gained any weight I have not lost a pound since the coil was fitted. I lost 19lbs in the two and half weeks before the coil was fitted with the pre op diet and then the liquid post op diet.

This for me is proof that the coil does cause the weight gain. I am going back to the doctors to see if this time they will provide me with the water retention pills that are required.

Keep you posted.

BooBooGlass Sat 28-May-11 10:38:29

Forgive me, but I think if you are at the stage of havign a gastric band then a stone and a half weight gain is neither here nor there. I very much doubt your weight issues are caused by the mirena.

foreverondiet Sat 28-May-11 22:41:56

I had a mirena fitted when DS2 was 6 months old, around the time I stopped breastfeeding and started my diet. Since then I have lost 50lbs, fairly easily. I am now a size 10 with a BMI of 21.

If you feel the mirena causes you weight gain, and thats not acceptable then choose a different contraceptive.

You always loose weight when you start a diet, 19lbs in 2.5 weeks is not sustainable, the weight loss could have stopped even if you didn't have the coil fitted.

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