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We want to show how we lost 17 stone without dieting or using weight watchers or slimming world. Is there a Market out there for this..

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mumblesdad Fri 27-May-11 22:03:34

long thread sorry..
Three years ago my wife turned 30 and decided after many attempts she was going to shed all the weight she had put on in the 8 years previous. She had our 2 dk's and also developed PCOS. Anyway within 12 months she lost 6 stone 7lbs and weighed 8 stone 13 lb. More than 2 years later she still weighs 8st 13lb.

She did all this without any exercise at all. She ate a healthy breakfast, a light lunch and a sensible tea.. No foods were forbidden and sshe regularly had small treats.

Two years ago I had 2 heart attacks and weighed 27st 6lbs.. Obviously something had to change, I wasnt able to exercise due to being disabled and so I followed her food advice.

I have now lost 10 st 6lbs and am much fitter healthier and happier. My wife has helped me see why we both over ate and my view on food is very different to 2 years ago.

I have lost over 10 stone twice before using weight watchers and slimming world but eventually put all the weight back on and a bit more (a typical story I know).

I really think my wife has a lot of sensible advice to give on
1. How to lose weight slowly and sensibly
2. How to keep the weight off
3. How to rethink your attitude to food

Does anyone think there would be a Market for this advice/help

Thanks for taking the time to read

fearnelinen Fri 27-May-11 23:42:28

There will always be a market for weight loss advice. Sensible advice is hard to find.

ggirl Fri 27-May-11 23:48:35

no the market is saturated with advice about dieting

pasqueflower Sat 28-May-11 07:35:42

First of all, well done both of you.

Your wife (and you) would make a perfect leader for a slimming club, but, the trouble is, I believe you have to have lost weight with that club - have a look at for Weight Watchers... although that page simply says leaders have to have followed the plan rather than to have lost weight with them.

She could, I suppose, set up her own fitness/weight service, but would then have to hire premises and do the marketing herself. I'm a bit like a broken record on these boards on this, but I really vouch for as a way of tracking calories/exercise - she could promote that as a tool for others' to use, combined with her personal experience and advice she has gained through experience.

I don't think the market is saturated - the obesity epidemic is evidence of that - and her USP is that she's done so well on her own and both of you understand what's needed to reach a healthy bmi. If she did set herself up on her own, she could undercut organisations like Weight Watchers, or become a weight loss adviser for one-to-one sessions.

How about printing up some flyers and distributing them locally promoting herself as a weight loss adviser to see if anyone is interested? It's an unregulated market, but of course she wouldn't be insured or anything, so should advise any clients to consult their doctors.

Good luck!

foreverondiet Sat 28-May-11 22:46:57

There are already loads of books on the subject of healthy eating and weight loss, but people always writing new ones, so question is whether you can get it published. I assume its something along the lines of the south beach diet / pcos diet book, in which case would you be bringing something new to a very saturated market.

However, maybe your wife could set herself up as a weight loss consultant and run her own slimming club.... not really sure what you have in mind?

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