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Has anyone ever managed to 'do' targeted weight loss?

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blondepinhead Thu 26-May-11 14:42:06

I'm interested because I'm currently in the process of finally shedding the baby weight. I've been cycling to work, swimming regularly, eating a healthy diet. It's going well, I have slimmed down significantly in the past few months but there is a problem. Well, ok, to me it's a major problem, I appreciate that many won't agree.

I stopped breastfeeding about 7 months ago but my boobs are still way out of proportion to my size. I used to be about 32B max, now I'm a 34E/F and it's bloody killing me. My clothes look weird because of the monster norkage and I've become horrifically self-conscious because of them, when I used to be quite confident. I'm developing a bad back because I hunch all the time, and they're really uncomfortable. In short, I loathe them, I want rid but I don't want (or need) surgery. Also, I'm still not back to pre-baby weight, I used to be a size 8 and am now a 10-12, I have no illusions about getting my old body back but would be so much happier if I was a C/D cup at least.

So, should I be doing something different? Surely I should be dropping some bra sizes by now? DH thinks maybe the swimming is the problem (strengthening and enlarging pectorals etc) but it sorts out my back so I'm loathe to give up.

blondepinhead Thu 26-May-11 14:48:13

Aargh, sorry, garbled first post and clearly off-topic from the thread title. I would love to hear your stories/rants about successful or unsuccessful targeted weight loss. Would be nice to know if it can be done.

(First post on this topic, slightly scared confused).

foreverondiet Thu 26-May-11 19:09:54

IME targeted weight loss doesn't really work. Of course you can choose which bit gets toned up, but I am dubious of claims that a specific diet will help you loose weight in different places. I have lost my baby weight, but am carrying all my remaining fat it seems on bottom and thighs, and the only thing I can do to get my thighs thinner is to loose more weight. I have previously done Rosemary Connelly hip and thigh diet and although I lost weight on it, it came from all over.

The only thing I can think off is if you body fat % is above 24-25% then worth trying to loose some more weight in the hope it comes off your breasts.

AngryFeet Thu 26-May-11 19:12:55

Targeted weight loss is just not possible. Even if you tone up one particular area you are just getting muscle underneath so until you lose the fat you will look more bulky than before. Weight just comes off people in a particular order so there is nothing you can do but keep dieting until it is all gone.

blondepinhead Fri 27-May-11 00:08:44

Ah, bother I thought that might be the case. Desperate enough to hope it's possible though! Thanks for the responses foreverondiet and AngryFeet.

Yep, on with the diet. I wasn't going to stop, I was just hoping for some light at the end of the tunnel. The weird thing is that pre-baby the first thing to go was always my boobs, bum last. Now it's the opposite and I can't believe I'm complaining!

foreverondiet all the best with your own weight loss, hope you attain your goals soon.

foreverondiet Fri 27-May-11 07:29:00

blonde might also be worth discussing with GP because from what I understand your experience is quite unusual - most woman with small breasts end up with even smaller ones after BFing.

I am at (below) target now.... and yes I am destined to have some fat on my thighs and bum!

erebus Fri 27-May-11 08:23:26

I have to say that my shape changed forever, post babies!

I was a 36B prior and was 38C/D after, admittedly not a vast change but coupled with my thicker lower half, as well...!

As forever says, if you still have weight to lose, maybe your boobs will decrease a little but I am wondering whether it's a new body shape you need to get your head around. I am not saying that flippantly as doing so can be a huge issue, one you may even need a little help in achieving, but it may be a useful step to take, especially if your unhappiness with this shape is causing you to hunch over.

Have you got a properly fitted, supportive bra? That can help enormously in carrying larger boobs more happily, can improve your feelings about your appearance and may help you accept, if acceptance is needed, your new shape. Just wondering as I do know some women who won't accept (not accusing you!) that they're not a size 10 any more yet only wear their size 10 clothes which are evidently very uncomfortable and give them worse body image problems.

Hope it works out for you!

blondepinhead Fri 27-May-11 11:18:34

Finally got my hands on the computer! Damn DH and his 'working from home'. Of course he was really reading the Daily Mash smile.

forever I have actually been to see the GP about something unrelated, but did ask about this when I was there (think GP's hate that, I shouldn't have done it). She took a quick look and said everything seemed normal and it can affect some women like this, although it's very unusual. I was referred to the nurse for some blood tests but everything came back in the normal range. My mum was apparently like this too, however she's now slimmed right down to a miniscule UK size 6 and I don't really want to go that far in order to reduce my bra size. I don't think I could!

Thanks erebus, I have been re-fitted for bras several times since giving birth, and do have one that fits properly at the moment. The problem with my clothes is that I have a small waist now (finally!), narrow shoulders and disproportionate boobs, so I'm severely limited in the kind of clothes that actually fit me. Mostly I go up a size which isn't ideal. I took a look at Bravissimo's clothes range (Pepperberry?) but none of it is the sort of thing I would wear.

I know the hunching is not great, but I've had so many repulsive comments from strangers and people I know that I've just ended up slouching in order to be less noticeable. I really don't think I can get used to my new shape, it's actually something I would consider having surgery to deal with, but only when I'm sure we're not having more children.

foreverondiet Fri 27-May-11 12:36:28

Another thought was, if you lost weight and got down to a size 8, and reduced your breasts in the process, and then put some weight back on, would it come back onto your breasts? (Ask your mum and see what she thinks?)

Also are you taking hormonal contraception - if you are I wonder if that makes a difference - esp if it contains estrogen. Again maybe switching to non hormonal contraception like copper coil might help?

I can understand why you are considering surgery, I hated having big breasts when breastfeeding.

blondepinhead Sun 29-May-11 09:36:18

Sorry for not responding sooner, foreverondiet, I've not been able to log on for a while. My mum was pretty much tiny since I can remember, so I don't think she'd know much about weight fluctuations unfortunately. She did say that after her second child her boobs pretty much vanished. Hope for me?!

No I'm not on hormonal contraception, for various reasons. Sounds like that could have made things worse!

I am slowly starting to see a difference, I've decided that a positive attitude is more helpful to me at the moment (and a lot nicer for those who have to live with me!). I'm sure it will happen, it's just some parts of me are taking longer to shed fat than others. And lets face it, I've been pretty lucky in that my bum and thighs have definitely slimmed down a bit so at least I can be thankful for that!

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