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I have just started doing the New ID course, anyone interested?

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Italiangreyhound Fri 20-May-11 23:54:40

I have just started doing the New ID course, anyone interested?


It is run by a local church. You do not need to be a Christian to go on the course but it is from a Christian perspective.

I have found I am not thinking about food in the same way since starting the course, I am not feeling deprived by not having lots of treats etc and I am feeling so positive about what I do eat. It is great. It is early days. Only been to two sessions and the next one is coming up Sunday (there are 6 in total). So, onwards and upwards (or rather downwards as I have already lost some weight, but the main thing is to get my eating in normal boundaries).

I have discovered I have an eating disorder (after years of eating too much, compulsively eating and dieting).

At New ID there is no weigh in or talk of diets etc, or exercise, there is just a look at helping us with problems with eating and finding our identity in Christ.

I know it might not be right for everyone, and not everyone who overeats has an eating disorder.

I felt kind of weird 'labelling' myself as having an eating disorder as I have not been medically diagnosed but I know how I am around food - I impulse eat, and at times I compulsively eat too. So for me the course is just what I need! I may not have a recognised eating disorder but my eating had been disordered.

It was not really bad but I am several stones overweight (about 3 or 4) and so I now just want to be normal and healthy. I would love to be slim but that may not be the case, I just want to be healthy and not preoccupied with food. I am not ashamed of my problems with food now; I know that a lot of people struggle with it too.

I have been going to Rosemary Conley classes for about 8 months and I love the exercise, but I decided not to follow the diet and to try and stop weighing myself too often as well. I now try and exercise lots but always fun stuff like walking, doing a race for life, and maybe swimming too. The main thing is about getting better from over eating rather than dieting and about finding a new identity.

Feel free to ask me if you are interested in New ID.

Keziahhopes Wed 25-May-11 23:30:07

Thanks for the link Italian. I have heard of the course - great to see this being tackled by Christians, recognising that many people struggle with food and eating and so on without needing a medical diagnosis of a disorder to go.

Hope the remaining sessions are as helpful for you. Sounds good to be doing the course and putting in place exercise classes etc as well, to do something practical about losing weight and having a healthier and fitter body whilst trying to get to the root cause of compulsive eating.

I struggle with food a bit, nothing like I used to as a teen. Never diagnosed but know I struggled with not eating and binging on and off as a form of control. Nowadays it is comfort eating - meaning I am 2 stone heavier than I should be or would like to be. Sadly no ID courses anywhere near me, but have a friend who has helped deliver it so I think good things of it too.

Italiangreyhound Sat 28-May-11 00:23:10

Thanks for popping on Keziah so lovely to see you.

I do hope you will find a course near you if you would like to do one.

I think what I like most is that it is easy if you are the kind of person to have problems with some things (like I am, ocd in my teens, over eating started in my 20s, panic attacks started (and thankfully stopped) in my thirties and now bloomin insomnia in my 40s! But I must say now that I am getting a handle on things! It would be easy to swap one compulsion for another! I must make sure that this does not happen this time. So, I must get off to bed and not feed the old insomnia compulsion!

God Bless and hugs to you for everything, see you back on the regular other thread soon.

Keziahhopes Sat 28-May-11 22:12:24

Italian - I think you are right, it is easy to swop controlling one thing to another, even if not done to an extreme. I remember as a teen restricting eating, then going to over eating etc... can't say I have a real problem with food, but am aware in late teens and 20's it could have become an issue. Great to see that courses like this are around - the more help the etter I think!

Ah - insomnia, I have had that since student days grin - work is the best thing for me, makes me get up no matter what!!

Italiangreyhound Mon 06-Jun-11 22:44:05

Thanks Keziah I do hope all is well with you. I must not fall into insomnia habit! I must go to bed before 12.00 every night! Any tips for going to bed early! Thanks.

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