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Enough of the yo yo-ing, getting ready for a Monday start, jump aboard!!

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rologoingsolo Sat 14-May-11 18:55:46

A little background for you, for the past 5 years (well after dd3) have constantly been on some diet or other. Am kinda good during the week & then blow it at the weekends. Recently not even been able to have a good Monday to Friday due to various pressures (DH diagnosed with cancer 2 months ago, long story).
BUT now clothes too tight, constantly feelin crap etc. So Monday am going to try really hard. Have done a special shop & am roughly going to follow Davina's detox.
Would really love some like minded mumsnetters so we can keep each other on track & motivated - any takers??>?

Happygomummy Sat 14-May-11 18:59:03

I'll join you! I had a good couple of months on Dukan and lost nearly 1.5 stone but it's creeping up again. Lots of false starts. Monday for real!

rologoingsolo Sat 14-May-11 19:01:31

Wow Happy that's a fab result. We can do this

Happygomummy Sat 14-May-11 19:32:55

So do we post weekly with weightloss? Or is there another way you'd prefer? Never done this before!
Btw really sorry to hear about your DH- hope things are ok and there is a good prognosis.

rologoingsolo Sat 14-May-11 19:39:34

Thanks happy, we're waiting results.
Yes I guess a Monday am weigh in or weight loss should be the way to go. How much do you want to lose? I'm aiming for 1 & half stone

MumPotNoodle Sat 14-May-11 19:55:30

Hello all, can I join?

Rolo, sorry to hear about your DH, sending good vibes your way.

I have put off a concerted effort to lose weight more times than I can remember. Have dug out my Anna Richardson Body Blitz book, polishing off wine and crips tonight (why oh why, just a few more pounds to shift!!), will shop tomorrow. I am about 11 stone, need to lose at least 1-1.5 stone sad. NEVER EVER properly tried to diet so have never achieved.

rologoingsolo Sat 14-May-11 19:59:15

Lovely to have you on board MunPotNoodle - I'm a little scared as I know it's gonna be hard. Let's hope we can do this x

Happygomummy Sat 14-May-11 20:03:13

I'm thinking Monday not the best day as weekend could be opportunity for weakness and maybe we need a coupleof 'austerity days' to make up for any sinning! Suggest Wednesday?

I'd like to lose at least 2 stone

I hope you and DH get results you want.

Hello potnoodle!

MumPotNoodle Sat 14-May-11 20:03:35

Thanks Rolo...I have zero willpower but have a barrel shaped body so really need to do something grin.

AngryFeet Sat 14-May-11 20:04:11

I will join you! What is Davinas detox? I have done Dukan, Atkins, Harcombe, SW over the last two years and managed to gain 2 stone. Awesome.

Need to lose 3.5 stone but want a diet that has a structure so think I will stick to calorie counting. I can't be trusted to eat as much protein as I like as I will eat 10 chickens or something!

Lots of exercise too. This is how I lost 4 stone in 2008 so I can do it again!

frazzledblob Sun 15-May-11 08:15:16

hello, can I sign up? serial dieter here. I need to get rid of a good 3 or 4 stone blush

Rolo if being good in the week and having time off on a weekend suits have a look at the 4 hour body. Simple repetitive meals throughout the week and then a have a blowout day. I had my blowout day yesterday and suprised myself as I had been looking forward to it all week only to not like my chocolate and end up craving my lentils confused

The added bonus is you can have a couple of glasses of wine in the evening. I have started having a small glass of red in place of my evening munching which is helping.

I really hope you and your DH get positive news re the results

rologoingsolo Sun 15-May-11 09:52:57

Welcome AngryFeet & frazzledblob!
AngryFeet you sound just like me in that I've also tried so many different diets, it makes me cringe when I think of the money I've wasted on them on - and then none of them having any lasting resullts sad. Davina works on the basis of cutting out dairy, meat and anything not wholesome. I've done it once before & it worked although expensive & time consuming.
Frazzled I must say I'll take a look at the 4 hour body as I do like my wine & Davina doesn't!!
Happy yes wedsnesday sounds good for our weighin.

Do any of you have target dates or events in mind? I'm going to London on July 2nd for a long weekend (to see Take That!!!) & I really want to have lost a stone & half for this so I can go to Bravissimo & treat myself to some decent bras smile. Have not been properly measured for yonks.

Anyway, let's all enjoy our last day of freedom!!!! xx

rologoingsolo Sun 15-May-11 19:04:28

Hi all, am nicely enjoying my last rose for a while sad, hope all good with you

Happygomummy Mon 16-May-11 06:26:43

Good morning, all....
Like you, Rolo I enjoyed my last wine last night (and had a yummy Chinese meal!)

One of my targets is to walk to my son's nursery at least once a day (ie drop off or pick up). I find so many excuses why I should jump in the car, which are rarely justifiable.

Good luck, here we go.......

Btw is first weigh in this week, or should we give us a week or so to get started?

giraffesCantDanceWiOotBuckie Mon 16-May-11 06:40:37

hello. can I join too. Want to lose a wee bit before my opeartion in june.

Wa at gym yesterday, only 20min though had bad cramp. Breakfast today = 3 digestive biscuits and some oj and tea - again bad cramp!

working 8am - 7.40pm today, then Zumba at 8pm.

giraffesCantDanceWiOotBuckie Mon 16-May-11 06:43:53

rolo sorry to hear about dh sad x

MumPotNoodle Mon 16-May-11 15:19:12

Weighed in at 10 13 today, not good as I am a midget sad. Onwards and upwards I guess.

MumPotNoodle Mon 16-May-11 15:20:01

giraffes, that's a very long day, what will you be eating to get you through?

Boo81 Mon 16-May-11 17:21:03

Hello smile

Rolo you're an amazing woman to be thinking about dieting when you have so much else going on. It has inspired me to stop making excuses and get up off my bum!

I had a baby 9 weeks ago a put on a tonne of weight. Went from 11.5 stone to 15 stone shock. Have been around 13st 10lbs since giving birth and its time to start shifting this weight. I'm a bridesmaid in 8 weeks and tried on the dress last week. It wouldn't come anywhere near me blush

So...this is it...crunch time. I'm not going to follow any particular diet, just calorie count and making sure I get some form of exercise every day.

What day will be weigh-in day?

AngryFeet Mon 16-May-11 19:14:14

I have decided to go with the easiest option of calorie counting. I am doing the following:-

B: Fruit plus small slice wholemeal toast and poached egg
L: M&S Ready Meal (one of the Fuller for Longer ones) as they have lots of veg
D: Soup and bread

I am too busy to cook so these things can be heated up quickly smile

Hoping to lose first stone by end of June. Good luck all!

rologoingsolo Mon 16-May-11 19:43:25

How's every-ones 1st day been? Mine's been pretty ok and tomorrow morning am actually planning on going for a run!! Good luck with the nursery walking happy.
Hi boo & giraffes!
Angry I've not heard of the M&S Fuller for Longer range, is it any good?

Thanks for all you good wishes about DH, he had major surgery 5 weeks ago to remove pancrea, gall bladder, bile ducts & duodenum. I was so stressed out by it all I just binged night & day. He's now recovering from the op & we're waiting the results to see if they managed to cut it all out. Crazy thing is he lost nearly 2 stone in the space of 2 weeks so I'm now trying to fatten him up!

Shall we weigh in officially this Wednesday? If I leave it another week it'll prob give me an excuse to pigout!!! If you let me know your losses I'll keep a weekly loss sheet for us if you all agree?

So, on board so far we have

Hope not forgotten any-one!! giraffes your mn name is fab!!

AngryFeet Mon 16-May-11 19:50:32

Not sure yet rolo but they look lush! For this week I have:-

Beef and red wine casserole (with pots and veg)
Cod mornay with mash, peas, runner beans and cheese sauce
Beef strangnoff with rice and brocolli
Duck noodles with hoisin suace
Beef and chianti ragu with penne pasta
Chicken and 3 mushroom tagiatelle

They have loads of options, here is a link

Will keep you posted on how they taste smile

frazzledblob Mon 16-May-11 19:59:53

target date for me was our holiday to Devon at the end of May. I will be happy with anything lost by then. Next target is a weekend away with DH in August - I will be one stone lighter by then smile

All the wine lovers need to consider the 4 hour body grin "On diet days, stick to dry wines, “dry” being defined as less than 1.4% residual sugar." So you can have white wine but red is meant to have less effect on weight loss.

Angryfeet are you including any snacks in your day? Also, have you considered having more protein at breakfast and ditching the fruit and toast?

I only ask as I find that having carbs for breakfast results in me being hungry sooner and its the type of rumbling stomach sick feeling hunger which results in me having to eat anything or I feel terrible. This results in me falling of my diet far too easily as I just grab anything to hand to eat.

My day consists of the following:

B: hard boiled egg with lentil, bean and veggie dish
L: lentil, bean and veggie dish with cottage cheese
D: lentil, bean and veggie dish with cottage cheese or hb egg or quorn pieces
Glass of red wine.

I change my spices and veggies but it pretty much stays the same. Then on saturday I can have anything I have been craving all week. Its fantastic!

frazzledblob Mon 16-May-11 20:14:08

oh rolo I am not surprised you have been so stressed sad
Please be kind to yourself at this time and don't worry too much about the dieting, even making small changes can have a big difference. I think the odd glass of wine should be allowable aswell smile

Weight wise I am 14st 7lb. I am not too concerned about it as my period arrived yesterday and I can feel alot of water retention. will weigh again on weds I think.

Boo81 Mon 16-May-11 20:45:09

Rolo - a Wednesday weigh in is perfect.

Frazzle - I've read a bit about the 4 hour diet and am tempted by it as people seem to lose quite a bit of weight very quickly. Also like the idea of the cheat day! But I don't think I can be strict enough to exclude carbs and dairy completely. I might try to adopt some of the principles though and cut down the amount of white carbs I eat.

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