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Anyone doing/done Body Blitz Diet?

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MumPotNoodle Sat 14-May-11 09:48:04

Just reading through the books, seems sensible, doable and simple. Anyone had success with this?

HarrogateMum Sat 14-May-11 10:58:50

do you mean the Anna Richardson one? I have had my hubby on it for the last week and he has lost 4lbs. It seems hard to start with (and I will admit we ignore the no alcohol part!) but we have stuck to it so far!

MumPotNoodle Sat 14-May-11 11:47:21

Thanks for the reply HarrogateMum. Yes, the Anna Richardson one. 4lbs is great, does he have a lot to lose and have you been on it as well?

HarrogateMum Sat 14-May-11 12:19:12

he is 6 foot 3 and weighed nearly 17 stone, wants to be 15 and a half. I have been on it as a consequence of him being on it I suppose, found it fine so far. I've cooked the cottage pie with the apple and parsnip top which I expected to hate and loved, the sticky chicken thighs (very nice), the bolognese and the salmon with stir fry veg. Other than that I have just adopted the principles and made up my own meals! I was planning to buy her new book the Summer Body Blitz but when I looked at it in a shop its exactly the same book with possibly 6 new recipes in it!

MumPotNoodle Sat 14-May-11 19:58:33

grin at the new book being similar!

Well I think I am going to give it a go, seriously need to overhaul my rubbish diet anyway, so what the heck, may even lose a few pounds grin.

HarrogateMum Sun 15-May-11 14:06:07

good luck! I found that when faced with the stuff I couldnt eat, I dont fancy it now anyway (and I am normally an absolute cheese-a-holic!)

MumPotNoodle Sun 15-May-11 19:43:38

Had my last cheese and mayo sandwich today sad....made the risotto and it was really nice grin. How much have you lost on this harrogatemum?

HarrogateMum Mon 16-May-11 09:28:49

I've lost 5lbs in 12 days and the weight I want to be is another 3lbs to go! Last night I cooked chicken breasts wrapped in bacon (didnt have any parma ham), with spinach, the stuffed mushrooms from the book and some roasted tomatoes. It was v yummy!

MumPotNoodle Mon 16-May-11 15:17:29

well done on the 5lbs envygrin. Recipe sounds lovely, will try it...the risotto was yum as well, am doing bolognaise tonight and the sticky chicken tomorrow. Feeling positive but then aren't we all at the start of a new diet grin.

MumPotNoodle Tue 17-May-11 19:01:48

Thumbs up for the sticky chicken...all recipes really good so far grin.

HarrogateMum Wed 18-May-11 14:25:20

yes its nice isnt it! I did the balti last night but did chicken instead of prawns and accidentally cooked a bit of rice (oops!). We must be the only two people in the mumsnet world who are on it!

MumPotNoodle Wed 18-May-11 15:24:51

Indeed I think we are Harrogatemum grin. Can't find the balti recipe in my book.

HarrogateMum Wed 18-May-11 15:48:06

its called quick Prawn balti, am sure its in there somewhere! I'm out for a Thai tonight, must resist prawn toasts and focus on curries!

MumPotNoodle Wed 18-May-11 16:57:32

Got it.....that is a really quick dinner, will add that to the list.

Good luck with the Thai tonight....I know I would have absolutely not willpower.

MumPotNoodle Mon 23-May-11 09:29:00

It works......5lb down in a week and that is with a largish amount of wine blushgrin.

littledolly Mon 23-May-11 09:37:59

I've just had an e-mail from Amazon to say that my book has been dispatched, so glad to read such positive reports about it here. Feel terrible today as had a bread and sweet filled weekend, so looking forward to getting started in preparation for my hols in less than 7 weeks shock

MumPotNoodle Mon 23-May-11 09:44:27

Have to say that I was quite lightheaded on Wednesday but I feel really ok now, had hoped for some sort of energy boost but perhaps the weekend wine put paid to that grin.

I am thinking more about what I eat in a nutritional sense, so can't be all bad and I am surprised that I am not missing carbs, always had sandwich/roll for lunch, now have salad/veg.....hope to lose 2lb this week. Am also looking at the Lunchbox Diet which is similar.

Seems there are just the three of us on this diet, so jump on the thread, keep us posted and good luck.

HarrogateMum Mon 23-May-11 11:28:33

well I have not lost a single pound this week but maybe thats because I've had industrial amounts ofwine at various functions and at a ball on Saturday I may have accidentally had pastry, potatoes and a pudding....and yesterday cooked for my dad's birthday and again had pastry and potatoes. Ooops. Back on the straight and narrow today!

MumPotNoodle Mon 23-May-11 15:25:25


MrsStringerBell Tue 31-May-11 18:48:37

Hi - is anyone still doing this? I've been doing it for a week and lost 6lbs in 5 days, but then went to a wedding and stayed with friends so fell off the wagon spectacularly. Back on the straight and narrow today. How's everyone else getting on?

MumPotNoodle Tue 31-May-11 19:12:42

Hello MrsStringer.....great loss, shame about the weddinggrin. I've done two weeks, not been able to get to Boots to weigh but reckon lost 6/7 lbs but have lost 1" from my waist grin. Like the principles of this diet, am looking to probably combine it with The Lunchbox Diet.

littledolly Wed 01-Jun-11 08:30:06

I have been messing about with it for the last two days, but ready to start properly today. Have 2 stone to loose in total, but am going on hols 6 weeks on Saturday, and am bridesmaid in the middle of August, so just want to loose as much as possible by then.
I think I can stick to the principles OK for two weeks as long as I am organised, so need to get focused.
Will keep you posted on my progress............

MumPotNoodle Wed 01-Jun-11 08:41:06

Good luck most diets, it's the planning that can make or break it....if you are starving you will probably make bad choices if you haven't got "good" food in. You have two very good reasons to be focused and determined.

Glad to have someone else on board grin.

littledolly Thu 02-Jun-11 08:31:40

First day yesterday went well. Porridge and blueberries for breakfast, the smoked mackerel salad from the book for lunch, and fish with lots of veg for tea. Snacked on some fruit, and was really hungry in the afternoon so had 2 rice cakes with peanut butter. I drank lots of water too, which is something I really need to keep up.

Had a sneaky weigh in this morning and am 1lb down already, so yeah!! Good day planned again for today, but am out tomorrow night with people I've not seen in ages, so will be having a few drinks, but will make sensible choices about dinner, and get back on track first thing on Saturday morning.

Good Luck to everyone else today grin

MrsStringerBell Thu 02-Jun-11 14:28:01

Hi littledolly - glad your first day went well - hope day 2 is just as virtuous! I'm into week 2 (with a few days off the wagon in the middle!) and have hit a brick wall - the pounds have ceased to tumble! So took drastic action at lunchtime and went for a run, which has just made me ridiculously hungry - this diet was fine when I was just sitting on my sizeable @rse all day but now I've burned a few cals running up a hill and canNOT stop thinking about crisps and chocolate! Must resist! This cup of tea and granny smith is just not cutting it!

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