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Diet pills that actually work???

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happenedagain Tue 26-Apr-11 18:38:49

Are there any diet pills that work? I need to loose 1 stone, I have no will power right now and feel misirable. Help

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ElsieR Wed 27-Apr-11 09:29:05

I'd be cautious here. Some of these miracle pills can be illegal and dangerous.

VivaLeBeaver Wed 27-Apr-11 09:33:19

I tried Alli and it didn't work at all.

DuplicitousBitch Wed 27-Apr-11 09:35:20

the only way a diet pill is going to work is if you can hold it firmly between your teeth for 24 hours.

honestly, i know its hard but you just have to face the fact that you need to improve your diet and exercise.

exercise will improve your mood and make the other stuff better.

good luck

Italiangreyhound Thu 28-Apr-11 00:43:10

happenedagain have only heard bad things about diet pills.

One stone is not much to lose. I've got a lot to lose. I joined my local Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness Class and I love the exercise. I am a Premier member so in theory I can go to any class for exercise that my leader leads.

I'm also trying to work out why I overeat and deal with the emotions connected to it - like fear of running out of food or being hungry.

Just thought I would mention it because being miserable will really not help you and I think only having a stone to lose you are probably quite slim and fit already!

It's all science, food in, exercise out, but the emotions do really come into play too as they can 'force'/encourage us to eat when not hungry - I've even eaten when I was really not enjoying food, out of habit!

Anyway, I am whittering, happenedagain good luck. You asked for help and this was what I thought of, sorry if it too obvious!

All the best.

AlmightyCitrus Thu 28-Apr-11 01:04:35

I used to work in a shop which sold a product called Maxislim (sida cordifolia).
We sold tons of them, most people found they made a difference, started off with a £4.99 trial pot, then came back for more.
The night ones aren't recommended, the daytime ones should work alone, and should only be used for a few weeks, then take a break.
They are supposed to give you energy and raise your metabolism.

Not a sales pitch, as they didn't work for me! But lots of people swore by them. They are a natural herbal product, and not illegal.

foreverondiet Sun 01-May-11 02:12:18

One stone isn't very much, and you should be able to loose that though diet and exercise in a couple of months, or even less time (6 weeks) if you can muster good will power and work out.

However, there is little point in dieting at all, unless you are prepared to make a permanent change to your WOE otherwise you'll just put the weight back on when you finish your diet.

If you have no probably best to come to terms with being overweight.

AnnieOnAMapleLeaf Sun 01-May-11 03:01:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Italiangreyhound Sun 01-May-11 17:29:26

I agree with AnnieOnAMapleLeaf that the pills can be dangerous.

And foreverondiet that you will put it back on again unless you can change how you eat. I have lost the same stone again and again, I am now finally trying to address why I overeat and trying to make wise choices about food. Not necessarily going for 'diet' food but going for healthier food and still having treats but not all the time. It is a long road but I think for me is the answer to permanent change rather than just yo-yo-ing.

Once you work out why you are overeating you will be in a better position not to (I think) and can make permanent changes, if you want to. One stone is really very little but if you want to lose it, please do try and do it naturally through increasing exercise (whatever it is, walking, swimming etc) and eating more healthily. All the best.

HelenM48 Tue 11-Jul-17 12:42:22

I used Reductil for more than 3 months (purchased from and i lost over 13 kg. First three days I experienced a mild headache and I thought if the headache continued after a few more days i would stop taking them, but after the fourth day it went away. I would recommend this product, and if any of you tend to try this drug, drink lots of water and eat slowly ;)

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